Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Baseball? Gotta look for it now!

Thank the internet, there is baseball to be had, you just gotta look for it.
The Nippon Series is in full effect, Yomiuri Giants vs Nippon Ham Fighters, and if you have never seen any its worthwhile. They play a different style of game, small ball extraordinaire! More on Japanese baseball later.

Also you can dial up winter ball from the Caribbean leagues, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Some great games are played in the winter leagues, and some big names are involved.

Manny Ramirez, Vlad Guerrero and former Biscuit Henry Wrigley are among my winterball faves this year. Wrigs has been crushing the ball for Caracas, hitting his fourth homer tonite of the young season in the VBL. Manny and Vladdy will be playing for the Dominican league. has the games on gameday.
Bad Henry in Venezuela


The Chicago Cubs added Vanderbilt University coach Derek Johnson as minor league pitching coordinator, and I wondered two things right away - what happens to Dennis Llewallyn who I thought was doing that job?
And also, is this an effort to make the Cubs more appealing to David Price in an effort to trade for the Rays top starter?

I wont go into it, but Price would be a nice fit for the cubs and not too expensive for a team willing to take on some payroll. LaHair would be a nice first base-outfield option for the Rays at a lower price than Carlos Pena and under team control for longer.  Price was mentioned in trade rumors last week, even tho he is a total stud for the AL East Tampa rotation.
Im just sayin.....


There aint none, unless you count the bobblehead election.
I accused them of a fix, as the official team website had stopped letting me vote, but was told to clear my browsers cookies. Matt Moore will win, no matter how many cookies I clear, even tho he is probably statistically the worst on the list. Hellickson and Desmond Jennings had better years, but they didnt pitch any no hitters for our team so they got no chance!

I voted for Hellickson, I wanted to see how they would make him look, as very few bobbles look like their namesake.
Give em Hellickson!

Like the Bj Upton statue giveaway a few years ago. They were supposed to be Delmon Young but a couple months before the statue was sent here Delmon tossed a bat at an umpire in Triple-AAA (see previous postings on Delmon) and they took the heads off the statue and replaced them with BJ Upton heads! The body looks like Delmon, but with Uptons name and number on the jersey.

Giants win World Series - Panda gets MVP and Corvette

By the end of it I guess I was pulling for the Giants, they seemed to be the best of the teams in the postseason. The postseason has become a tournament style game that doesnt appeal to me, friends are surprised when I tell them I dont watch much after the regular season is over.

For me, I prefer to see the best teams over the course of the full season. I would rather see the two teams with the best records play each other as soon as the season ends so we can see the two best teams in as close to midseason form as possible. I know, its crazy but I want to see the two best teams in the World Series even tho that would often include the teams I am least fond of.

As a Cub fan, I think there should be six or more wild cards and teams in chicago start with a three game to none lead! hahaha

Astros To Introduce New Look Friday

Too bad a local sporting goods store has been selling the shirts for a week, giving the internet a look at the secret logo. Oops.

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