Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Biscuitville Notes, Big Mo Race.Bring DJ Kitty,


Dennis showed me a Big Mo baseball card from 2004 and asked if I would change my call for a rookie card. I said I would't! haha

I am not sure the '04 Big Mo card can be considered a true rookie card - the first two seasons the Biscuits team set was only available from gas stations in installments. The orange border didn't look like a match for the other cards I have from that season, which were bordered in blue.

It was a promotional set, with about four cards per pack available with fillup at Entec. A new group of four was supposed to be released every few weeks, but they were only offered at three locations.

Clark's 2004 Card
By the time the inaugural biscuits team hit July, the team was in last place and their cards didn't get dropped off anymore. I would say that the 2004 Entec Biscuits team set is among the most rare of Biscuits memorabilia to be found. Im not sure where in the set Big Mo would have been given away, but its more of a promotional item than a player card. It may not have made it into circulation.

Not that a 2004 Biscuits Entec set doesn't exist, but it was hard to impossible to put together. The Biscuits have never offered a mascot card for sale at the Biscuit Basket that I know of, so I am gonna stand by calling it a Big Mo rookie card in the team set!

We will get it out of the way early, then carry on in that theme! For Biscuits notes, scroll on down to Biscuitville!
JULY 29 1972 
Montgomery's Paterson Field hosts the Southern League AllStar game, Bucky Dent homer wins it in dramatic style!

I gotta get more Paterson photos!
Down a run late Dent drives a ball over the wall to win the game in a wild premonition of things to come later in his career. It looked alot like this...

With Montgomery hosting the 2015 AllStar Game, I have some suggestions coming that I think the Biscuits should consider!



Kazoo, Pcola
Big Mo
Big Mo should challenge all the Southern Leagues teams mascots to a footrace at Riverwalk Stadium before the All Star Game.

This could become an annual tradition to generate a little extra fun on the field and a friendly competition between teams.

 What could be better than seeing Big Mo leg it out against the other mascots in the league? It would be a great way to build a rivalry between carpet-covered, underpaid staffers.

Southpaw, Jacksonville
Looie, Chattanooga
Not to mention getting the mascots together would be hilarious and make for a fantastic photo for each teams publicity uses.

Not that Big Mo is particularly speedy, but Mo would be able to set the rules of the race, which could be a little more than just from first base to third base. Who knows...

Speaking of Mascots...

We want DJ Kitty at the 2015 Southern League AllStar Game!
We didn't get the Rays popular feline mascot at the spring exhibition game this year, but perhaps we can get the Tampa Rays Tuxedo Cat to come to town next June for the festivities.
Astro approved
The mad popularity of the dubstep kitty video at Biscuits games and the association with the Rays make DJ Kitty a popular choice, fans love it!

Get grounds crew a new hose


Everyone has a bad day. Great players use them for motivation.
When Taylor Motter went hitless on Monday, he took time after the game to reflect and refocus.
 A few weeks ago Motter was the last to leave the dugout after going OhFer and has been the Biscuits hottest hitter since. Hopefully this will refuel the fire!


Why have we not gotten any help from Charlotte yet? They have some players screaming for promotions at positions we need the help in.

I asked about Leonardo Reginatto 2b/ss/3b but it doesn't seem his arrival will happen anytime soon.

Apparently hitting .316 with 14 steals and a miniscule 11% strikeout rate isnt good enough to get out of Port Charlotte.

Only three hitters have higher batting averages in the FSL than Reginatto, all of them have been promoted to double-A. Also second in the FSL in runs scored, second in hits, second in slugging percentage,


Also off the list is Ty Morrison, the rehabbing outfielder has little chance for a Biscuits return this season.

Neither are we likely to get a look at Patrick Leonard. Currently crushing FSL pitching with an .876 OPS, which is second in the league, boosted by his 13 homers. Leonard is tenth in his league in batting average and leads the Florida State League in total bases.

StoneCrabs second baseman Thomas Coyle is third in the league in stolen bases and is batting a fine .251 with five homers. I didn't even look up a photo.
No, it isn't coming at all

Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Mo Rookie Card, Lefty Problems & Lively NoNo

How come Big Mo doesn't have a card in the Biscuits team baseball card set?

Kids love Big Mo
He never has, though he has been with the team since the start, the Beast has yet to have a rookie card.

I think we should put the athletic trainer and strength coach together on one card. That would finally get Big Mo a card in the set.
Oh yeah, Mo gettin a card!

I know we don't want to disrespect the trainers and coaches, but kids would probably get more out of one Big Mo in the pack than having TWO more coaches cards - those guys don't even wear a uniform!

I asked and was told that it could indeed happen, so maybe we will finally see the first of my suggestions get adopted and Big Mo will have a rookie card in 2015! Now, how about....

Giveaway Jersey Shirt

David the Biscuit
Every team in baseball has done this, its time for the Biscuits to offer up a series of giveaway shirts with former Biscuits name and number.

Add it to the already popular T-Shirt Cannon stock and offer them up once a month as giveaways with players like Longoria, Price, Hellickson, Jennings and others

SUGGESTED SPONSOR - Candlewood Suites already does the shirts well!

Bark in the Park Every Month

Suggested by Kristin (hope I spell that right!), Mike and their well behaved dog Bee after the recent Sunday Bark in the Park and I agree, there is no call for dogs to be restricted to once a year baseball fun.

Every month could have a Dog Day in the Park, if not every Sunday being a Bark in the Park possibility. Already Sundays are kids day, it would be a chance to get the whole family out in the sun together at the ballpark.

The dogs are better behaved than the kids. Not once have I had to say, "Hey Dog, can you sit down so we can see?"

SUGGESTED SPONSOR- Montgomery County Humane Shelter, Elmore County Humane Shelter, Petsmart or Petco


The Suns used lefty-righty pitching matchups vs the Biscuits on Sunday. It didn't work out, the lefty reliever brought in served up a first pitch single before being lifted. Though that matchup play didn't go quite the way it was drawn up, it sparked some interest in how the Biscuits fare versus lefties.

To that end, here is the Biscuits vs Lefties batting average list, thru 7-26.

Maile .340
Motter .339
Brett .333
Malm .277
Hager .265
Segovia .258
Shaffer .210
Carter .182
Seitzer  .167
DePew .167
Argo .164
Guevara .154

I didn't realize we had so much trouble with left handers.

batting average against thru 7-26

Burns .125
Markel .125
SP Colla .231
SP Garvin .238
SP Mateo .247
Bellatti .257
Garrido .271
SP Gomez .271
Lara .308
Lollis .313
Patterson .313
Suarez .324
Stowell .341
SP Floro .347

Double ouch, we have trouble getting lefties out!
Tough numbers there, as Burns and Markel are so new that I figure its just a matter of time before the southpaws in the league knock their Batting Average Against on par with the rest of the staff. 

I am noticing a trend with lefthanders and Biscuits, I wonder how much Tampa views us as the place where their players have to figure out left handed opposition.


JULY 28 1909

Montgomery pitcher Jack Lively throws a no-hitter against Little Rock, walking none, but one man reaches via error to break the perfect game.

I asked Jack's son Buddy Lively about the game, his father spoke of it often when listing his baseball accomplishments.

The elder Lively was proud of his no-hitter and said the error was an easy fly ball dropped by a lazy outfielder early in the game. He got the next hitter to ground into a double play and nobody thought about it again until the game was over and they realized it was the only baserunner in what should have been a perfect game.

Also, Jack had an RBI hit in that game, part of the reason he was so proud of it, he did all the work himself!

Friday, July 25, 2014

July 24 Mateo NoNo Anniversary, Getting Crabs, Stats Speak Greek

Its been one year since Victor Mateo tossed the first No Hitter at Riverwalk Stadium. He is still in the Montgomery rotation a year later, mowing down double-A hitters and anchoring the Biscuits pitching staff.
Victor Mateo throws a pitch that won't be hit, July 24 2013


Ryan Brett left with an injury tonight. I didn't catch what it was that caused him to be lifted for Heck-tor Guevara, but hopefully its not serious.

Brett has been one of our most productive players both with the stick and the glove. The silver lining for Biscuits fans is that this could delay his promotion, hopefully until after the playoffs.

I say that because I am waiting for the annual exodus of Skitz, as though the Tampa front office has a vested interest in Durhams extended stay hotels and short-term apartment leasings.


Hopefully it won't be long before we get some Crabs. It would be nice to get something as opposed to sending Biscuits away never to be seen again.

Guys like Leonardo Reginnato and Patrick Leonard are knocking at the door for the promotions, as are Maxx Tissenbaum and Riverwalk fan-favorite Justin O'Conner.
Pitching wise, we could get a late season look at Austin Pruitt, Reinaldo Lopez or Kevin Brandt late in the season.


Starting pitcher Dylan Floro gets alot of ground balls. At home at Riverwalk he has faced 258 hitters, 128 hit the ball on the ground.

Starter Victor Mateo has allowed 19 bases stolen while he was on the mound, only two runners have been caught.

Bullpen ace Cory Burns leads all pitchers in the Rays organization in swinging strikeouts with over 36%. Outstanding!

Reliever Parker Markel gets the most swinging strikes and has the lowest Zone Contact rate of any Rays pitcher.

Relief pitcher Matt Neil leads the bullpen in getting hitters to swing at bad pitches, his O-Swing Rate is 17.8%.

Utilityman Heck-tor Guevara is leading the Biscuits in Line-Drive Percentage with 23.3%, hitting the ball hard to all fields.

SS-OF Taylor Motter leads the Biscuits in home runs at Riverwalk, having bashed nine balls onto the railroad tracks. He's also tops in RBI at home, driving in 28 and runs scored with 26.

Of speedy outfielder Willie Argo's 22 stolen bases, 17 have been in road games. Only five have come at home. With just about 35 games to go, the Biscuits record may be out of reach.

Hak Ju Lee and Desmond Jennings each swiped 37 bases.
The Montgomery All-Time SB record is 56, set in 1961 by Michael Holodick (i know, i know, i can't make this stuff up)

mahtook 25 2013
Omalley 24 2013
bortnick 23 2012
hak ju lee 37 2012
omalley 24 2011
salem 23 2010
eldridge 20 2009
jennings 37 2009
eldridge 24 2008
perez 32 2007
Owens 24 2006
rayburn 20 2006
johnson 20 2006
rayburn 29 2005


Catcher Luke Maile rakes at home, hitting a tidy .322 at Riverwalk, tops among current Skitz.

Maile also leads the current lineup in OPS, crushing the ball at home to the tune of .912.

pretty good at maths

According to the Pythagorean differential, the Biscuits are lucky to be where they are after having allowed more runs than they have scored.

The old Greek mathematician figures we ought to be five games under .500. Good thing he doesn't have a say in the standings!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where are we? Congrats Wrigley, GraySox vs Chicago

Thats what I asked myself when I realized we had won a few games. I looked it up, eight out of our last ten, in fact no team in the league is hotter.

A quick look-see at the SL website says we are still in third place, behind Mobile and Jacksonville with seven series left to play. 35 games left means we are at the three-quarters pole, about to hit the third base bag and head for home.

Since Mobile won the first half, punching their playoff ticket early puts them out of the picture for our second half hopes. Which is good, they are still winning games at a prodigious pace, over .650 W-L%.

Jacksonville leads us by about a game, which is a slim margin indeed, considering the schedule. (should I mention that I went to highschool with Slim Margin?)

We are currently facing the North Division doormat Chattanooga Lookouts. Afterwards we come home to face off against the main target - the Jacksonville Suns, in a head to head series that could determine which team gets into the playoffs.

Even if the Skitz falter in the showdown with the JaxSuns, we still haven't lost hope. We go on the road to Jackson Tn where the Generals wait with their .400 winning percentage. Follow that up with a homestand against the aforementioned Chattanooga Lookouts and the Biscuits could be in fine shape by mid-August if the winning percentages stay about the same.

The schedule doesn't look too painful for Montgomery, finishing against the Wahoos and Generals could be a big advantage, plus the Suns still have a ten-game roadtrip to contend with.

The Skitz get four home series, the Suns have four road series left on the schedule.

Biscuits remaining series, with opponent W-L%:

Currently facing Chattanooga (.333)
home vs Jacksonville (.594)
@Jackson Generals (.419)
home vs Chattanooga (.333)
@Mississippi Braves (.563)
home vs Tennessee Smokies (.500)
@Pensacola (.344)
home vs Jackson Generals (.419)

Jacksonville Suns remaining series:

Currently facing Birmingham (.548)
@Montgomery (.563)
@Huntsville  (.500)
home vs Mississippi Braves (.563)
@Chattanooga (.333)
home vs Pensacola (.344)
@Tennessee Smokies (.500)
home vs Mobile (.667)

If Brady's Boys can apply the pressure where needed, its a good time to do it while they can handle their own business without having to have help from other teams to move up in the standings.

I am not quite saying print playoff tix yet, but after the next homestand I just might be ready. We are exactly where we need to be if we want to see playoff Biscuits.


Blog favorite and former Biscuit 1b Henry Wrigley reached a career milestone with his 100th home run on Tuesday. The Caracas Crusher has put a bakers dozen over the wall for the St.Paul Saints, the former rival of my dads fave team, the Minneapolis Millers. Its indie ball but a tough league with alot of talent.

It was HenWrigs 13th home run this season, he is batting an outstanding .327 average and popping the OPS at a .917 clip.

With 51 RBI in 51 games, Saints fans surely have learned what Biscuits fans knew, Henry Wrigley produces runs.

Of course, the "official career totals" don't include Venezuelan league play, where Henry had much success. Technically speaking, Wrigs was already past the century mark, but hey, its nice to make it official!

Congrats, Wrigley!

History Lesson...

JULY 22 1920 
Montgomery, AL
"Chicago Negroes to Play Grey Sox Game -
A fast and snappy game of ball is promised the followers of the Montgomery Grey Sox, Thursday when the local negro team will play the Chicago Black Sox, in an exhibition game at South Side Park at 3:30 o'clock.

Rube Foster
The Black Sox are being sent South by "Rube" Foster, who is president of the Negro Western League, for the purpose of estimating the strength of the Negro Southern League.

Henry Hannon, manager of the local aggregation is confident of victory but he realizes the task ahead of him is a hard one and a real battle is expected. This should prove to be one of the best games that has been played on the local diamond this year and a record breaking crowd is expected."

1920 Chicago American Giants
Montgomery, AL
"Montgomery Sox Swamp Chicagoans -
The Chicago Black Sox colored baseball club team was easily defeated Thursday afternoon by the Montgomery Gray Sox team by the score of 15 to 1. The visiting team put up a miserable exhibition of the national pastime.

Sam Streeter Mgm Gray Sox
Streeter, for the Grey Sox, was a puzzle to the Chicago players, and after the first inning he had his opponents at his mercy. Kemp, who started for Chicago, was easy pickings for the locals, and Smith, who succeeded him, could not check the assault.

George Scales
Williams, Scales, "Red" Cunningham and Herman Cunningham carried off the batting honors for the day, the quartet had little trouble in hitting the ball, when hits meant runs.

Streeter established a record on the local field when he pitched twenty consecutive balls for strikes, without having a ball called by the umpire.

The Chicagoans came to the city highly rated, and are leading the league in the National league for colored clubs, but their performance Thursday was the poorest seen on the loacl field this season. Nashville opens a three-game series here this afternoon."

JULY 22, 1966 - 
The Animals and Hermans Hermits play at the State Coliseum, aka Garrett Coliseum, in Montgomery.
11 days later Animals bassist Chas Chandler will go to New York and hear Jimi Hendrix for the first time. Not baseball related, but hey, thats cool!

JULY 23 1920 
Montgomery, AL
"Montgomery Greys Defeat Nashville -
A single by Carpenter in the tenth inning scoring Preston, won a hard-fought game for the Montgomery Grey Sox, Friday afternoon from the Nashville White Sox by the score of 1 to 0.

The game was a pretty pitcher's battle between Knowles and Meyers, the former allowing six hits and the latter five. Meyers was saved on several occasions by sensational fielding.

The Grey Sox scored the lone tally in the tenth inning when Preston reached first on an infielder's error and third while the next two batters were being retired. Meyers walked and stole second and Carpenter sent a clean Texas leaguer over short and Preston scored.

The two teams will clash again this afternoon and the final game of the series will be played Sunday afternoon."