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Biscuitville Notes, Big Mo Race.Bring DJ Kitty,


Dennis showed me a Big Mo baseball card from 2004 and asked if I would change my call for a rookie card. I said I would't! haha

I am not sure the '04 Big Mo card can be considered a true rookie card - the first two seasons the Biscuits team set was only available from gas stations in installments. The orange border didn't look like a match for the other cards I have from that season, which were bordered in blue.

It was a promotional set, with about four cards per pack available with fillup at Entec. A new group of four was supposed to be released every few weeks, but they were only offered at three locations.

Clark's 2004 Card
By the time the inaugural biscuits team hit July, the team was in last place and their cards didn't get dropped off anymore. I would say that the 2004 Entec Biscuits team set is among the most rare of Biscuits memorabilia to be found. Im not sure where in the set Big Mo would have been given away, but its more of a promotional item than a player card. It may not have made it into circulation.

Not that a 2004 Biscuits Entec set doesn't exist, but it was hard to impossible to put together. The Biscuits have never offered a mascot card for sale at the Biscuit Basket that I know of, so I am gonna stand by calling it a Big Mo rookie card in the team set!

We will get it out of the way early, then carry on in that theme! For Biscuits notes, scroll on down to Biscuitville!
JULY 29 1972 
Montgomery's Paterson Field hosts the Southern League AllStar game, Bucky Dent homer wins it in dramatic style!

I gotta get more Paterson photos!
Down a run late Dent drives a ball over the wall to win the game in a wild premonition of things to come later in his career. It looked alot like this...

With Montgomery hosting the 2015 AllStar Game, I have some suggestions coming that I think the Biscuits should consider!



Kazoo, Pcola
Big Mo
Big Mo should challenge all the Southern Leagues teams mascots to a footrace at Riverwalk Stadium before the All Star Game.

This could become an annual tradition to generate a little extra fun on the field and a friendly competition between teams.

 What could be better than seeing Big Mo leg it out against the other mascots in the league? It would be a great way to build a rivalry between carpet-covered, underpaid staffers.

Southpaw, Jacksonville
Looie, Chattanooga
Not to mention getting the mascots together would be hilarious and make for a fantastic photo for each teams publicity uses.

Not that Big Mo is particularly speedy, but Mo would be able to set the rules of the race, which could be a little more than just from first base to third base. Who knows...

Speaking of Mascots...

We want DJ Kitty at the 2015 Southern League AllStar Game!
We didn't get the Rays popular feline mascot at the spring exhibition game this year, but perhaps we can get the Tampa Rays Tuxedo Cat to come to town next June for the festivities.
Astro approved
The mad popularity of the dubstep kitty video at Biscuits games and the association with the Rays make DJ Kitty a popular choice, fans love it!

Get grounds crew a new hose


Everyone has a bad day. Great players use them for motivation.
When Taylor Motter went hitless on Monday, he took time after the game to reflect and refocus.
 A few weeks ago Motter was the last to leave the dugout after going OhFer and has been the Biscuits hottest hitter since. Hopefully this will refuel the fire!


Why have we not gotten any help from Charlotte yet? They have some players screaming for promotions at positions we need the help in.

I asked about Leonardo Reginatto 2b/ss/3b but it doesn't seem his arrival will happen anytime soon.

Apparently hitting .316 with 14 steals and a miniscule 11% strikeout rate isnt good enough to get out of Port Charlotte.

Only three hitters have higher batting averages in the FSL than Reginatto, all of them have been promoted to double-A. Also second in the FSL in runs scored, second in hits, second in slugging percentage,


Also off the list is Ty Morrison, the rehabbing outfielder has little chance for a Biscuits return this season.

Neither are we likely to get a look at Patrick Leonard. Currently crushing FSL pitching with an .876 OPS, which is second in the league, boosted by his 13 homers. Leonard is tenth in his league in batting average and leads the Florida State League in total bases.

StoneCrabs second baseman Thomas Coyle is third in the league in stolen bases and is batting a fine .251 with five homers. I didn't even look up a photo.
No, it isn't coming at all

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