Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Mo Rookie Card, Lefty Problems & Lively NoNo

How come Big Mo doesn't have a card in the Biscuits team baseball card set?

Kids love Big Mo
He never has, though he has been with the team since the start, the Beast has yet to have a rookie card.

I think we should put the athletic trainer and strength coach together on one card. That would finally get Big Mo a card in the set.
Oh yeah, Mo gettin a card!

I know we don't want to disrespect the trainers and coaches, but kids would probably get more out of one Big Mo in the pack than having TWO more coaches cards - those guys don't even wear a uniform!

I asked and was told that it could indeed happen, so maybe we will finally see the first of my suggestions get adopted and Big Mo will have a rookie card in 2015! Now, how about....

Giveaway Jersey Shirt

David the Biscuit
Every team in baseball has done this, its time for the Biscuits to offer up a series of giveaway shirts with former Biscuits name and number.

Add it to the already popular T-Shirt Cannon stock and offer them up once a month as giveaways with players like Longoria, Price, Hellickson, Jennings and others

SUGGESTED SPONSOR - Candlewood Suites already does the shirts well!

Bark in the Park Every Month

Suggested by Kristin (hope I spell that right!), Mike and their well behaved dog Bee after the recent Sunday Bark in the Park and I agree, there is no call for dogs to be restricted to once a year baseball fun.

Every month could have a Dog Day in the Park, if not every Sunday being a Bark in the Park possibility. Already Sundays are kids day, it would be a chance to get the whole family out in the sun together at the ballpark.

The dogs are better behaved than the kids. Not once have I had to say, "Hey Dog, can you sit down so we can see?"

SUGGESTED SPONSOR- Montgomery County Humane Shelter, Elmore County Humane Shelter, Petsmart or Petco


The Suns used lefty-righty pitching matchups vs the Biscuits on Sunday. It didn't work out, the lefty reliever brought in served up a first pitch single before being lifted. Though that matchup play didn't go quite the way it was drawn up, it sparked some interest in how the Biscuits fare versus lefties.

To that end, here is the Biscuits vs Lefties batting average list, thru 7-26.

Maile .340
Motter .339
Brett .333
Malm .277
Hager .265
Segovia .258
Shaffer .210
Carter .182
Seitzer  .167
DePew .167
Argo .164
Guevara .154

I didn't realize we had so much trouble with left handers.

batting average against thru 7-26

Burns .125
Markel .125
SP Colla .231
SP Garvin .238
SP Mateo .247
Bellatti .257
Garrido .271
SP Gomez .271
Lara .308
Lollis .313
Patterson .313
Suarez .324
Stowell .341
SP Floro .347

Double ouch, we have trouble getting lefties out!
Tough numbers there, as Burns and Markel are so new that I figure its just a matter of time before the southpaws in the league knock their Batting Average Against on par with the rest of the staff. 

I am noticing a trend with lefthanders and Biscuits, I wonder how much Tampa views us as the place where their players have to figure out left handed opposition.


JULY 28 1909

Montgomery pitcher Jack Lively throws a no-hitter against Little Rock, walking none, but one man reaches via error to break the perfect game.

I asked Jack's son Buddy Lively about the game, his father spoke of it often when listing his baseball accomplishments.

The elder Lively was proud of his no-hitter and said the error was an easy fly ball dropped by a lazy outfielder early in the game. He got the next hitter to ground into a double play and nobody thought about it again until the game was over and they realized it was the only baserunner in what should have been a perfect game.

Also, Jack had an RBI hit in that game, part of the reason he was so proud of it, he did all the work himself!

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