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Do You Feel Lucky, Biloxi? Motters Revenge & Fallen Stars at Joe Davis Stadium

Biloxi likes to gamble, so how about ten grand a game?

Thats what the city will pay the team should the team have to miss home games due to an unfinished stadium. A pretty steep price, a situation team and league officials are probably keeping an eye on now that we are less than nine months from opening day 2015.

average Southern League owner
The owners in Biloxi don't sound worried, they probably are thrilled with the sweet deal of having a city funded ballpark being built and the chance to rake in ten grand a game if its not ready on time.

Architects estimate it will take until the middle of May next season to complete the park, but owners point to Pearl Miss where the stadium only took 11 months to complete.

uuuuh, okay, that doesn't make sense, but lets move on...


It will look like this, maybe in May or June-ish.
"This one is pre-fab, 15 suites. The infrastructure and road work are good. Most of the site work is already done. So I feel pretty confident we'll be able to play ball in a reasonable amount of time." said Bennett, one of the teams part-owners.

it will look like this too
The Biloxi park is being prepped for construction and owners are taking contractor bids after firing the construction manager overseeing the project. They expect to choose the builder by the end of July.

The team will be charging the city ten thousand dollars for every missed home game, topping out at 70 thousand for the month of April. There may not be a cap for the month of May and beyond - however one of the build options is a 12 month building plan that would mean no baseball for Biloxi's new park until midseason. A very expensive option that would pay off bigtime for the team owners.

So if they miss a week of games, they might as well miss a months worth. But after the first months worth, then it REALLY gets expensive!

The Biloxi team will probably start the season on the road, but a ten game roadtrip won't help the city avoid hosting a baseball game until the 17th of May.

The city of Biloxi has plans in place to play games at other parks should the new one not be completed in time.


On the flipside, look at how the Stars have fallen in Huntsville, even on the outside of the park!

2007 playoffs, Biscuits at Stars

2014 Joe Davis, the Stars logos gone

The Southern League twitter account has gone silent for months, since May  there has been not a single tweet from the "official" twitter of the SL. It sounds like someone lost the league phone and doesn't remember the twitter password.


On Monday the Biscuits unleashed the beast on the Braves, bashing home nine runs on a pile of hits to the delight of the home fans.

The only unhappy Biscuit was hitless Taylor Motter, who sat on the bench long after the game. He sat there after the players left the dugout. He sat there after the grounds crew rolled out the tarps. He sat there after the ushers had ushered.

His oh-fer hung heavy on a night that saw every one of his teammates getting hits. Motter sat on the bench as the music ended and lights were turned off, looking at the field where he would return on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Taylor Motter was who I told people to keep an eye on.

On Tuesday, Taylor Motter made me look like The Amazing Kreskin, as the Biscuit outfielder/shortstop put on a power display with two towering home runs - just missing a third on a ball hit so hard the ball was lopsided before it finally hit the railroad tracks.

Between 1993 and 2003 Ozzie Timmons slugged over 170 home runs. The Biscuits current first base coach had over 300 career home runs combined between major league, minor league, independent and foreign leagues.

An outfielder by trade, Timmons played one game at first base with the Seattle Mariners in 1999, his only other 1b appearance was in one game in Japan.
Now he is at first for every game

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