Monday, November 14, 2016

Winter Biscuits

There isn't much news right now, but lets see if we can come up with something to tide us over for a little while.

Several Biscuits filed for free agency last week, among them Jake DePew and Jaye Chapman. Also filing was reliever Andrew Bellatti, as well as catchers Wilmer Dominguez and Armando Araiza.

Juniel Querecuto
Many teams in the Southern League had players declaring themselves free agents, some may return to their current organizations and some may move on.

Triple-A teams can be even more apt to have players declare as such, though only four Durham Bulls took that route. Of those four only Juniel Querecuto has past Montgomery ties.

Willie Argo
Willie Argo was dealt from the St.Paul Saints and his new club, the Sioux Falls Canaries, have picked up his option for 2017.

The American Association league has been the stomping ground for the former Biscuit outfielder, Argo boats a .290 career average before being traded to a new club in the indie loop. He stole 28 bases and hit a dozen homers in 2015 for the Saints, then in 2016 he swatted another eight homers.

Argo had a big moment with St.Paul when he got to meet Bill Murray in the Saints dugout at a game, Murray being part owner of the franchise.

Willie was obviously a little bummed about the trade and having to leave the Saints. A nice farewell tweet thanks fans and the club for support over the last two years.

A 22nd round choice in 2012 by the Rays, Willie Argo appeared in 120 games with Montgomery in 2014, stealing 24 bases as a Biscuit. In a strange turn of events, the Rays released Willie just one day after his appearance with Chef Jeff on Flip My Food. Guess they didn't like the Hot Dog Biscuit!

The Biscuits hat contest voting has been extended, but I have to say I am a little skeptical. It looks like a couple of the designs fans can vote for were seen on the announcement for the contest. Another is listed with a designers copyright attached. I am not sure how many actual "fan" submissions there were, but at least if the choices are all professionally designed we get high style!

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