Monday, August 15, 2016

The Songs of The Biscuits

The Skitz have locked up with the BayBears for a weekend series, Montgomery taking the first three before dropping Sundays contest. Not sure why, but it seems that the Biscuits often take the first three games of a series. I havent looked it up, it just seems a regular thing for them. Game five is Monday!

Granden Goetzman
Not for lack of trying, the good guys made a valiant effort but ran short of outs before pushing a tying run across the dish. These Biscuits just don't quit, scoring five runs in the 8th inning and threatening in the 9th fits their Never Say Die attitude.

Of course when you hear Boogie Shoes you know Braxton Lee is coming to bat.
Braxton Lee and his shoes

Some fans say its the best walkup they have heard, between that and my appreciation of Brent Honeywells use of Black Sabbath's Iron Man, it got me thinking about the tunes the guys use this year.

I have heard some great and some not so great songs used over the years, usually there are a few new ones that I enjoy learning. So I asked around a little and was given a short list of walkup music used by the Biscuits!


Armando Araiza has Buena Vision
Armando Araiza has a great sound, Ariel Camacho y Los Plebas del Rancho playing Buena Vision.

When Patrick Leonard comes to the plate, he hears Working For It by Zhu+Skrillex.

Ain't No Mountain for Goetz

Outfielder Granden Goetzman made sure he had Ain't No Mountain High, a classic that gets everyone singing - even in the Biscuits dugout!

New Right Fielder Justin Williams intro song is Ocean by JayZ ft. Frank Ocean.

Willy Adames brings Andas En Mi Cabeza, by Chino y Nacho ft Daddy Yankee. Always love hearing Daddy Yankee at the park!

Pitchers get intro music too, Taylor Guerrieri warms to Maggie May by Rod Stewart, another classic old school music lover.

Kean digs heavy reggae
Kean Wong has a dynamic walkup with Come Around by Collie Buddz, one of my fave walkups of this season.

Tommy Coyle takes his warmup cuts to the strains of Kanye Wests Stretch My Hands pt1.

Pat Blair's walkup is Flower by Moby.

Kyle Bird enters the game to Whistling Dixie by Randy Houser, rockin country style.

When Cade Gotta strides to the plate the song is Blood clot by Tribal Seeds, a sweet reggae jam.

Chase Whitley had his rehab moved, so we don't get to enjoy seeing him tossing any more Biscuits games. On the good side it stabilizes the rotation and when he was here it gave the bullpen a nice break.

The Biscuits roster may have settled a little, hopefully we are mostly set for the final weeks.
Brent Honeywell gets a pregame hug from Willy Adames
While there are certainly players deserving of promotions, one would expect even they would like to finish the job and win as a team.


Umpire Ryan Doherty has been sporting a cast on his left arm after taking a foul ball earlier in the series. Gamer.

If the Biscuits win the second half North Division championship, things are so much simpler.
The Jackson Generals have already won the first half, and they also lead the division here in the second half.

If they should hold that lead and Montgomery finishes second, the Biscuits would need to have a two game lead over Chattanooga in order to make the playoffs.

If Montgomery does have that two game lead, the Biscuits would travel to Jackson Tn for the first two games of the playoffs first round, then head home to Montgomery for game three.

However, IF a game four and/or five is necessary, league rules say the two teams would have to travel BACK to Jackson TN since the Generals are the first and second half champs.

The Generals aren't any happier about that extra travel than the Biscuits are. In fact, the Jackson Gens aren't too thrilled to host any playoff games. Attendance in Jackson is so bad that the last time they made the playoffs they opened the gates for free. Literally, free playoff baseball for anyone who shows up.

The word is that the Generals are willing to give up the rights to host games four and five.

All those scenarios are of course, dependent on the Biscuits holding off Chattanooga's Lookouts and falling short of the Generals in the second half.

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