Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Q Returns

That game was just....

Fortunately there weren't that many fans there to see it, being a Monday night. Surely, the rest of us wanted to turn away but just couldn't manage to.

Between the top and bottom of the first inning, a train horn sounded in the distance. It kept sounding its horn as it passed the ballpark.

One. Long. Blast.

For just under THREE AND A HALF MINUTES that horn blared as the train neared and then passed the field just behind the outfield wall, eventually making it impossible to hear anything in a dramatic example of the Doppler Effect.

It was easily the longest and loudest, most game-interrupting-est train in Riverwalk history.

After Tuesdays day off, the final off-day of the regular season, Brady's Boys board the Biscuit bus and head to Chattanooga to face the team chasing them in the standings.

Montgomery is two games ahead of the Lookouts and unless the Biscuits win the division the Skitz need to stay two games up on them to make the postseason.

It is almost a must-win series, as a loss of three games would likely vault the Lookouts into second place and give them the better chance of making the playoffs. Montgomery would face an uphill climb to make up those games, though it wouldn't mean elimination.

There was a Querecuto sighting on Monday, the return of the hard hitting utility man means another roster move is coming. Q's last game appearance was on the 11th against Pawtucket as a member of the Bulls. When the Rays optioned Richie Shaffer back to Durham, Juniel Querecuto lost his gig.

Could it mean a promotion for Willy Adames? With career highs in many categories the young prospect could be ready to move up. The addition of shortstop Alec Sole could lend to that conclusion as well.

Also a possibility is that Patrick Leonard could be headed back to triple-A. After his return from Durham the third baseman has been a consistent player both at the plate and afield. Querecuto could fill at third easily, though losing Leonards bat would be a blow to the lineup.

Rapacz and Justin Williams
Also possible is a roster shuffle including Pat Blair, as Querecuto is technically coming from Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley is where players of all levels seem to reside on the roster in name only. Last time I looked they had six catchers active on the Renegades roster, including Biscuits bullpen catcher Josh Rapacz.

The attendance for Monday night game in Jackson was generously listed as 894.

The Gens fell to the Shuckers 8-3, the Skitz trail them by two and a half games with exactly twenty left to play.

In the final twenty contests, the Generals and the Lookouts face off ten times.

Stay tuned, Biscuit fans, the best part is coming up!

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