Thursday, August 25, 2016

Willy Adames Plays Serious, Skitz Notes, '17 Sked

There is much unknown in the world today, including the Southern League playoff picture. So instead of trying to pick apart what might be, today I will try to stick to the solid truths.

The Biscuits are very much in the playoff hunt. With just about a dozen games left it would be a good time for a hot Biscuit streak.

The Barons have been eliminated.
Monday nights loss took them out of the hunt, mathematically.

So if the Brummie bench seemed to take the loss hard, its because they knew they were just playing out the string after that one.

Barons infielder Marcus Lemon is the son of former White Sox AllStar outfielder Chet Lemon, who played for the Barons in 1974!

Justin O'Conner
Justin O'Conner is back. Healed up and ready to get back to playing, I noticed him in uniform for game one.

Sure enough, he entered game action on Tuesday and quickly gunned down a would-be basestealer in the first inning. "Welcome back, Justin!" echoed across the yard. I think I yelled it loud enough for everyone to hear!

Pitcher Taylor Guerrieri is happy to have Justin O join the Skitz, and not just for his catching skills. It means Taylor has a new victim for videogame golf. Beware, Justin, Taylor G is a beast on the virtual links!

Justin Williams was a late scratch from Mondays game. So late that even stadium announcer Rick Hendricks stumbled, "now batting... Justin Will..... uh, Granden Goetzman!" Williams is out due to a stomach bug, he should be good for game action in a day or two.

rhp Mark Sappington
These Biscuits give maximum effort, even when they aren't in the game.

Last night I saw Mark Sappington run in a full sprint from the bullpen just to pick up an errant baseball he felt he was responsible for corralling.
Had it all the way.

Miss Gravy, the Suidae mascot pig for the past three seasons has announced her retirement.

It was sudden and not expected, though the video tribute was shocking - Big Mo was given a voice! Freaky, since we never heard Big Mo say a word before.

The fans were split on Miss Gravy, some liked her and some didn't. Lately she hadn't been making many appearances, so I guess we should have realized. She will be around for a swan song in the final weekend of the regular season, before heading out to the farm.

Dang, I miss this place!

Willy Adames loves baseball.
He loves to play the game and its fun to watch him enjoy playing shortstop. He has been having an excellent summer both at the plate and in the field, but he brings so much more to the squad than just numbers and skills.

His smiles and antics have added a lot of emotion to Biscuit baseball this year, entertaining everyone in so many ways.
Willy give a pregame lip-synch serenade to Kean Wong
elaborate pregame high fives!
Willy gets kids worked into a frenzy with the fake ball toss

However, once on the diamond he takes the game of baseball seriously. 


like VERY seriously....

Sometimes, the playful and the serious Willy Adames show up at the same time.

Here he is pregame, playing catch to warm up the honorary batkid who throws the first pitch.

Looks pretty normal, right? Very cool that kid gets to play catch with the Biscuits top prospect infielder!

But when the kid lets loose with a bad throw, Willy doesn't just let it go by.
No, he can't, thats not Willy Adames style.

He goes after it like its game seven of the World Series.
Seriously Playful!

The Biscuits home opener will be on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 against the Biloxi Shuckers starting a five game set.

If you are desperate for next years Biscuits already, this is what I know.

Just announced is the Brummies sked for next summer. On April 12th the Biscuits make their first road trip, though its a short one, to Birmingham for five games. It will be the Barons home opener. The Biscuits host the Barons at the end of April, from 4/27 to May 1st.
The Wahoos have also released their sked for next summer and it shows them visiting at Montgomery on July 19th thru the 24th. The Biscuits visit Pensacola at the end of June and into the start of July.

The Smokies '17 dates tell us that the Biscuits visit TN from May 13-17th. The Smokies first visit to MGM is May 30 through June 3rd.

The Smokies host the Skitz for a short four-game set July 9th to the 12th and then AGAIN host the Skitz just twelve days later for a regular five game series. The BabyCubs then visit Montgomery for the final time August 21-25.

Montgomery visits the Jackson Generals twice, April 17-21 and again in July. The Biscuits host the Gens twice, May 18-22 and August 10-14.

Did you get all that? It might appear on the final!


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