Monday, July 21, 2014

Tangled Webb

A Taylor Motter walkoff helps the Skitz hang onto win-loss equality on a wild Saturday and he remains the teams hottest hitter with two homers on Sunday, helping push Montgomery a game over .500.

Winning as many as they lose at home isn't the best course to the postseason, but the Biscuits are just a couple games behind Jacksonville. Staying within striking distance and giving the team a chance to get hot at the right time is all one can hope to see at this point in the season.

The Biscuits have yet to roll off a batch of wins in a hot streak, the team is getting itself in good position should Bradys Boys heat up late.

After Sundays tilt the Skitz get a day off, then hit the road to Chattanooga before coming back to host the team they really need to beat - the Jacksonville Suns.


The building of the ballpark at the casino has taken a serious step as Biloxi city officials make decisions on how its going to happen.

First, they cut money. Less money from the city means its not a 36 million dollar park, its a 29 million dollar park.

Next they chose to build on the 12 month plan I mentioned in the previous blog. Its a serious move, one that will cost the team about 35 home games - half of the season! So much for the grand image of opening day in a new Biloxi ballpark next April, which has to make it tough to sell season tickets and sponsorships.

With a ten grand a game fine for every game missed, thats a hefty payoff from city coffers to team owners, one that is not going over well with Biloxi taxpayers.

The question is still up in the air about where to play the games. Huntsville is probably not an option, since the schedule has been firmed up and travel times are not adjustable for such distance.

I suggest they play at "the Pete" - Pete Taylor Park in Hattiesburg, about an hour north of Biloxi.

It seats over 5000 fans for Golden Eagles fans who turn out to support their Southern Miss baseball team in a big way. The Golden Eagles average about twice as many fans per game than Huntsville, they can surely offer a good temporary home to the Biloxi Brewers until mid-season.

For a fee, of course.


The league prexie has got to be pulling her hair out about now.

The new franchise in Biloxi wont have a ballpark until midseason and now Mobile is about to go tits up and had to pass on the AllStar Game because of her approval of new ballparks in nearby cities.

Shes had to work up a new schedule, shuffle a team from one division to another and make it all appear like "I meant to do that", all in the first two seasons of being league president.


Surely there is alot left to happen before teams pack up and leave for new homes, but it looks like the makeover of the Southern league is well underway. Gone are far away teams like the Mudcats and Orlando Rays, new ballparks and goofy names replacing the old school concept of sharing a name with the major league team.

So now there are just two or three more teams left to relocate and the search is on for locations that can, or will, host double-A baseball.

Columbus Ga - already showed it can't support baseball, but is a great little city in the area with a ballpark that could be utilized and is newer than The Hank.

Tallahassee Fl - mentioned by some as a prospect, I am not familiar with their baseball support. Have to look into them more, anyone got insight on it?

Baton Rouge La - How have they not already got a team? With an area population over 800 thousand, its larger than ten Jackson Tennessees! The Louisiana capital city should support double-A baseball and I see it as a major prospect for future Southern league expansion/relocation.

Nashville Tn - the second weakest drawing team in the PCL could get a demotion, they have a new ballpark coming next spring.

Savannah or Augusta Ga - both fall inside the boundaries of the Southern League, tho I'm not sure how they would handle the SL moving in.

Gainesville Fla - within driving range for all SL teams

Beaumont Tx - seems far away, but is the same distance from Mobile as Jacksonville Fla, so is possibly in the zone for the league.


Since the Biloxi Brewers and Mobile BayBears are both seeking places to play, Superfan Richard suggests the solution is simple - with Huntsville mad at the Stars for leaving, have the BayBears play in Huntsville while the Biloxi team plays at the Hank in Mobile until their Biloxi stadium is built!


The Biloxi Brewers play their games at the Hoover Met until midseason. Alternatively, move the Mobile BayBears to Hoover.

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