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Theo says the Cubs are in it to win it this year. Of course we are still in it, its on January!

Love ya cubbies, but you arent likely to make it out of the cellar, 13 will not be lucky for the Wrigley faithful. It pains me to say so, since I am a Cub fan and have been. My grandfather was born in 1908 so none of the men in my family that I have met remember seeing the North Siders take the pennant.Im ready to see it happen, but I just don't see it in the cards for this year.
1908 Cadillac - brand new when the Cubs last won the World Series

Certainly not with talk that will send Garza away in trade. I think its tough to replace a guy like Matt Garza and the Cubs are a better team with him than without him plus prospect. Its not my usual opinion that we should deal a good pitcher now for a maybe later. I give maybe nows for maybe laters, or not nows for maybe laters. You dont hand off a sure thing for an unsure thing!

I loved seeing Theo say that he wasn't sure about trading Alphonso Soriano because Fonzie has become such a great teammate. Wasn't so long ago that great teammate was telling HOF manager Frank Robinson that he wouldnt move to RF from 2b and intended to hold out from spring training until the Nats let him stay on the infield.

If Soriano has become a great teammate, it must be due to Franks fatherly guidance as Nationals manager. Or Theo is touting intangibles that might be exaggerated or nonexistent. And of those two options I think the latter has happened way more often!

HOF Frank Robinson using his fatherly influence to make Soriano a good teammate


1 Quality baseball. The level of play is super, teams are stocked with high grade talent
2 The restrooms are always very tidy. If anyplace expects people to come back, this is a must.
3 There is plenty of free parking if you look for it. Consider the walk that saves five bucks a just effort to cover the cost of that first brew.
4 Not a bad seat in the house. Be prepared to duck because all seats are close to being in play!
5 Almost all the food is edible. I am told that is sort of a rarity at Minor League stadiums.
6  Outdoors with no bugs. Whatever they do keeps down the bugs, which is a major victory down here!
7 Great fans. Cliche' yes, but true. The peeps at the park are fun and smart and friendly. They are considerate and outgoing, the girls are cute and the children barely obnoxious at all.
8 Beautiful ballpark by the river. This thing is really nice, there are newer and bigger, but this is a fine spot to catch a game.
9 Cheerful. Seriously, if you are bummed out or just grumpy, it will be tough to not smile back because there are so many happy people around. Even the employees, who are notoriously sullen in other ballparks, are outgoing and cheerful and making sure happiness is being spread around.
10 Its home. No matter if you live here or visit, when you walk in you feel like its your own back yard.

The combination of the above somehow becomes vastly more than the sum of its parts and creates a fabulous environment for a baseball fan. Since it opened in 2004 the ballpark has been a site of happy times and great sports viewing.

Sorry its been a little slow on the updates, I have been totally immersed in reading Charlie Grimms book "Baseball, I Love You" and preparing for the upcoming Rebel Baseball League Winter Meetings - its YooHoo day for me!
Hopefully it wont be that cold this weekend!

Coming this weekend to Academy Sports, the Atlanta Braves Caravan 2013, But they must not like us as much this year, the announced caravan players are Paul Maholm, Cory Gearrin, J.R. Graham, Scott Fletcher, Don Sutton. Other than Sutton, who was here last year, its a pretty sorry group to offer up. Im pretty sure Graham and Gearrin were here last year with the MsBraves. Oh well, at least I can sleep in on saturday!

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