Friday, December 5, 2014

Free Agents, Ex Biscuit Busted?, Skitz Win Award & Raise Prices


Guys who have gone to the ranks of the un-affiliated and lived to tell about it. They may be back on a new deal, they may move on, who can say. New team listed where known, but most of these guys will be seen again.

Mayo Acosta
Mike Colla
Santiago Garrido
Braulio Lara - signed with Giants
Victor Mateo - signed with Braves
Jordan Norberto - new deal with rays, ticketed for biscuitville '15
Alejandro Segovia
Bryce Stowell - signed new deal with rays
Albert Suarez - signed with Angels
Jeremy "Snapback" Moore


This is not about Elijah Dukes or Matt Bush.

Was Mayo Acosta was arrested this summer?

Acosta (right) playing 1b
"Mayobanex Acosta-Sosa, 26, of 24 Bridal Path, Randolph, Mass., was charged Tuesday with breach of peace and third-degree assault." reads the June 5th police report section of TheDay dot com. No other information was available.

For the Durham Bulls, Mayo Acosta was in the lineup on the 5th and 6th. The Bulls were playing in Pawtucket during that time and it was also the day Don Zimmer passed away, so it would be easy to see how we may have missed this.

How did that turn out? Could there be two Mayobanex Acosta? I have no idea.


A five year span of achievement for the Biscuits front office earned them a Frietas award, which is being hailed by the team and the city as "AA Team of the year". Its actually a "sustained excellence in business" doled out by the publication Baseball America and not a single season MiLB award, but we know how the media likes to play with words.

In another business move, the Skitz will be charging another dollar for tickets. Their claim is that they haven't officially raised prices in five years, but again this is playing with words as we saw a one dollar fee tacked on to every ticket purchased the day of the game. Essentially that raised prices a dollar last year, and will be doing it again this spring to offset the lowest season attendance since the team arrived.

To soften the blow, the team shop is offering a 20 percent discount through the holidays.
An thats how ya win a Bob Frietas award.

With the changes at the top in Tampa it can be expected that we will wait to know our field staff. While the Blue Wahoos announced Tom Kelly will be in the managers chair in Pensacola, it was well into last January when we learned the Biscuit coaching assignments.