Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Calm Before the Storm

Soon we will know the rosters, meet the team and listen to the first road games of the year on the radio - nobody makes the trip to Jackson Tennessee.

Till then we have just a few items for perusal...

Kevin Kiermaier is the subject of this years beer cup!
photo by Casey Ivy, good scouting!

Biscuits fans may be surprised to learn that the team will not play on Memorial Day - its an off day. This is the first time in the Biscuit era that Montgomery has not played either at home or on the road for the holiday.

You now have to be a full-season season ticketholder to get a free ticket to Biscuits road games. 35 game season ticketholders are left out of the deal this year.

The Southern League is not the only league with teams shuffling - the double-A San Antonio Missions are expected to announce they will be stepping up to triple-A soon.

That is going to leave a gap in the Texas League, as it isn't a good idea to have odd numbered teams. Perhaps we will see a big reorganization in MiLB now that multiple cities have had growth spurts.

Just a few notable events around this week for Montgomery baseball fans. Okay, more than a few!

MARCH 31 1904
Boston NL plays an exhibition game at MGM

MARCH 31 1910
Montgomery has first of two exhibition games vs Cleveland Indians

MARCH 31 1942

Montgomery vs Yankees in exhibition game, Yankees win 14-4

APRIL 1st 1904
The Boston Red Sox play an exhibition game vs Montgomery, defeating Montgomery 2-1

APRIL 1st 1910
Montgomery plays the second of two exhibition games vs Cleveland Indians

April 1st 1942
Ben Goltsman confirms Paul Armstrong refused assignment to Dallas, will return to play in MGM. Armstrong led the team in batting last year.

April 1st 1955 Braves vs Dodgers at Montgomery

APRIL 1st 1977
The Rebels are sold by Paul Fyffe to a Paintsville Ky radio station owner. The Rebels have won four of the last five SL pennants.

April 2nd 1939
Cardinals beat Montgomery 11-5 in exhibition game at MGM, HOF'er Johnny Mize homers

APRIL 2nd 1941
Cinci shuts out Boston Red Sox in MGM exhibition game

APRIL 2nd 1948
Dodgers defeat hometown Rebels 10-2. Al Gianfroddo homers as Ralph Branca allows 8 hits to the Rebels.
 Montgomery Pitchers Wendell Davis and Joe Demoran allow 14 hits. Both teams commit a pair of errors, the Dodgers starting nine go the distance with no substitutions in the exhibition game.

APRIL 2nd 1954
RedSox beat Phillies 8-0 in MGM exhibition game, Parnell over Simmons

APRIL 2 1955
Pirates vs Orioles at Montgomery - exhibition baseball in the spring was a common occurrence through most of the 20th century.

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