Thursday, June 23, 2016

First Half Wrap Lite


Fortunately for the Biscuits, a new season begins in June as the second half offers a chance to prove themselves after dropping to third place in the final days of the first half.

Disappointed at missing the first half title, fans have tried to find the flaws that led to the teams failures. Most of the flaws aren't ones that can be fixed, though there are a couple main factors that I can see.

First, there is no predicting the Jackson Generals winning 46 and losing only 27. Even if every questionable call in every Biscuits game went Montgomery's way, there probably ain't enough of them to add up to 12 games.

Second, going short handed in the bullpen really hurts, turning wins into losses, breaking fans hearts and ruining relievers stats for the season is the result of having to over-expose the remaining pitchers.

Third, the Biscuits were unable to maintain a .500 win loss percentage against teams in their own division, or against teams on the road. To contend, a team pretty much has to do one or the other, preferably both.

The first half saw Montgomery lead the league in Home Runs, but fell to third behind Jackson and Chattanooga as the North Division paced the league in scoring.

The Biscuits sent Parker Markel and Adam Kolarek to Durham's bullpen squad, Markel finally getting the promotion after two opening days in Montgomery.

Johnny Field, Juniel Querecuto and Jake Hager all went North to try to hit the bull and win steak. Querecuto was sent back to Montgomery shortly, but has already been recalled to the Bulls after Mahtook's injury left a roster spot open.

Biscuit fans welcomed back relief pitchers Jordan Harrison and Kyle Winkler, as well as new guys Kyle Bird and starter Hunter Wood.

New hitter additions are Pat Blair and Cade Gotta, Patrick Leonard returned from Durham to play third base and regain his power stroke.

Last one out is Jacob Faria, sent to Durham after his AllStar appearance.
This likely sends Ryne Stanek back into the starting rotation, leaving a pretty large hole in the bullpen.

The Skitz head to Biloxi to start the second half and get lucky to face them at the right time. Shuckers top arm Josh Hader has been promoted, as well as a few other roster changes, leaving the Biloxi Brewers in a state of flux that could offer the Biscuits an opportunity. 

Back in January I predicted the Biscuits roster, I thought that since we are at the half-way mark I would put up the list again and see how I did!

1b Mike Marjama - wrong position but check
2b Kean Wong - check!
3b Patrick Leonard - check!
SS Willy Adames - check!
C Justin O'Conner
RF Jake Bauers - check!
CF  Braxton Lee - check!
LF Granden Goetzman - check!

2b Tommy Coyle - check!
Of Marty Gantt - here as roving coach, check!
C Armando Araiza - check!
2b/ss/mi Andrew Velazquez
UT Pat Blair - check!

SP Brent Honeywell
SP Chris Kirsch - check!
SP Buddy Borden - check!
SP Chih-Wei "Robin" Hu  - check!
SP Taylor Guerrieri - check!

RP Ryne Stanek - check!
RP Jeff Ames - check!
RP Josh Kimborowicz
RP Issac Gil
RP Steve Ascher - check!
RP Kyle McKenzie

other possibles:
RP Kyle Bird - check!
RP Brian Miller
SS Jake Hager - check!
3b Jace Conrad

well, looks like out of the 28 names I put up, 19 players and one as a coach, not too shabby for a New Years Day prediction!

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