Friday, November 9, 2012

Slow Blog to China

Well, how about the Asia Series? Good for driving away wintertime blues, almost as much as pulling for Caracas inVenezuela! is the place for Asia Series games, some in the evenings and sometimes late nites - as things that happen on the other side of the globe often are. The players outnumber the fans in the stands, so they would love to have you look in on em. Shout out to me if you see DrMiraculous hanging around the chat at the site!
Sajik Stadium, South Korea, site of Asia Series 2012

Where the Action is!

Its not just in Venezuela or in China or the Dominican where games are going on, or even the GM meetings that are taking place ahead of the MLB Winter meetings. The place where the action is - IS RIGHT HERE!

This blog was cranked up last week and already has a few hundred hits! Too cool, though its a lot of pressure to keep tossing you all funny pictures, okay well not so much pressure there. But I am thrilled to get that much notice, as I havent even put up the best insider info yet so I look forward to having a chance to voice some of the things that wander across my tabla rasa.

I thank all those who read this blog for their time and attention, its humbling to think and I hope I can give everyone something and include a few smiles along the way.

Ozzie is smiling, hopefully you will too!


Brewers interested in Dempster, as a Cub fan it disgusts me.

Teams are already complaining about how expensive Josh Hamilton is. I have suspected collusion for the past few years, ever since the drug testing was stepped up. Improved communication between teams and leagues makes collusion easier to occur and harder to find/prove. This could be a factor in Hamiltons free agency, teams complaining about cost for a guy they havent signed is a red flag.

Mets are reported to be offering Dickey. That team is so broke they would probably trade their outfield fence for money, and include Mr.Met in the swap. Sadly, in a related story, the Mets outfield fence was found to be the teams best outfielder.


Cashman says the Yankees arent trading A-Rod. Sounds to me like Hank told him Alex was his fave player, as there is no other reason not to at least shop the $114 million dollar bench depth. That being said, Cashman  was also quoted as saying he had talked to every team in MLB, so he may just be saying "nobody will take that guy off our hands even if i beg".
The Cubs are among the teams said to be in on Ryu Hyun-jin, the Korean lefty pitcher. Here is a look at the guy, you can make your own determination!


In a previous post I stated that Dan Haren has a glass arm, or elbow, or w/e. In fact Glassy made 30 starts last year and has only ever missed three starts in his career - much to his credit. However he has also experienced a sore back that pushed starts off a few days, and his recent diminished velocity likely means he is either hurt or experiencing severe Suck-itis.
Either way, he has not missed time to injury and probably isnt actually a glass arm guy.
My Bad.
More fragile than Dan Haren, but hasnt lost velocity

Southern League Notes

So, this is odd....
Kellogs bought Pringles chips. Which means for now at least, the Jackson Generals have a bit of a problem at the homefront. Pringles sponsors their team, and most of Jackson Tn, including having naming rights to the ballpark.

For now the team has had to cover the Pringles name across their park, and wait to see how the front office and Kellogs can work out a deal. Till then its not Pringles Park, its Generals Park for the first time ever!
Welcome to Pringles GENERALS park


When the Skits start play next April, I hope that all the players will be decked out in this snazzy eyeblack! I dont know how often I have seen our guys don the dark adhesives to help with the sun, but they sure need all the help they can get in the summer. Now even the fans can wear what the team has on!

Monty deflects light & attracts jelly


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