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We are a republic, not a democracy. Look it up, and get back to me. Or not.

Now on to more important things, like baseball!

This week teams start making moves, a Carlos Marmol for Dan Haren trade fell apart, probably due to the fact that Haren has a glass elbow and Marmol cant be trusted to close a game with less than a five run lead. I say this is a perfect example of the best trades being the ones NOT made.
 Besides, Carlos is probably enjoying being the longest tenured Cub!
His Honor Frank Robinson, Hall of Famer and Kangaroo Court Judge


Really? No shit Allan H. "Bud" Selig.
Thanks for announcing something the rest of us knew for the past two months or more.

This is just the kind of false drama the commish tries to create for the media that is killing the game. Make the announcement, not make a show of the announcement. Its insane to think that you will attract someone to the game by announcing the three finalists. I am pretty sure everyone knows its David Price or Verlander or Weaver.

No, not Weaver, its Price or Verlander or there will be an investigation!

The whole "FINALISTS" announcing thing is just the sort of annoyance we get from the streamlined MLB, and I reject the made-for-tv hype its being given. Anyone who was into baseball knows the best MLB players and reminding them in November is a rotten way to build filler for MLB network.

But those guys will do anything they can to avoid actually showing a baseball game.

David Price could be the first Cy Biscuit


Bad Henry strikes again, launching another bomb over the wall for the Leones and getting quotes in spanish.

 Henry Wrigley: “No tengo fecha para irme. Es mi primera vez en Venezuela, pero mientras me sienta sano no tengo problemas”
 “Lo más importante es ganar juegos, no lo que hace uno solo”
 “He tenido la suerte de conseguir buenos pitcheos para batear”

or in other words - "I have no time to go. It's my first time in Venezuela, but as I feel healthy I have no problems "
"The most important thing is to win games, not what makes one" 
"I was lucky enough to get good pitches to hit."

HenWrigs was given his release by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays this week,  I dont know if they tried to resign him or if Henry is happy to be a free agent, but I suspect he will have no trouble finding offers. 
Where will Henry play in 2013?

 Luna A Free Agent

Also given his release is reigning Southern League batting champ Omar Luna. The guy who started the season as the super utility man and ended up being the de-facto starter at third base was rewarded for his efforts by being cut loose from the organization.
 The soon to be twenty six year old Dominican has spent five years with the Rays, making it to triple-A in 2010 and 2011. His average during his time at Durham was a solid .300 the first year, then he struggled to hit .203 the next season which probably earned him a full year at Montgomery.
Omar is able to play a variety of positions, listed at  five foot eleven and 165 pounds (conservatively on both counts), he is large for a middle infielder but has good hands for the second base and shortstop positions as well as both corner outfield spots. His range is decent for a guy his size, another of the Rays players who are "sneaky" fast in the speed department. He was errorless in 13 games at SS/2b for the Biscuits this year and picked up 19 stolen bases.
Also, Omar pitched in games at two levels in 2011, including triple-A Durham.

I am gonna venture to predict that Omar will find a roster spot somewhere this spring.

Batting Champion for hire

More coming soon!

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