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Biscuits need Homes

Christmas for Biscuits

I consider myself in touch with what the average Biscuit fan is after from their ballgames, and as such i have taken it upon myself to compile a list for the team to hand over when Big Mo sits on Santas lap!

1.Southern League title. This is the numbero uno present for Biscuits, be they fans, players or office workers. This is the one to get under the tree, everybody loves the ring!
(see photo on right of league trophy being hoisted by Biscuits)

2. Prospects - putting good players on the field has to happen, or the fickle biscuit fan will stray from the yard. Getting a team full of roster fillers that can't muster more wins than losses is the same as getting coal in our stocking. But werent we good this year, Santa?
Is this guy coming back?
3. Affordable concessions.
If we can't win at least we can drink our sorrows away! Monty had a few markdowns this past year but we need more from the bipedal biscuit than a quarter off of the cheese fries.

 I know I keep coming back to this on the blog, but it can't keep up the way it has been going. The Biscuits succeeded by offering more entertainment for the buck and now that we are host to more competition in that market the team has to adjust or fail. 

This is make or break time and having not just a baseball team but a sports marketing and food service operation means we are being squeezed by two different corporate entities. The team has to cut prices or lose fans and become what the Rebels were at the end, a sad overpriced and underfunded farm team with a losing record.

4. Cool it down!
Man it is hot out there, and the only thing the team has done so far is to drag a hose to the upper deck and spray down whole sections twice during day games! Only the Heatmiser can take it. Seriously, do something before someone dies of heatstroke out there. Teams in places that average temps ten degrees cooler do more to ease the fans who are staggering from the heat.
Only one of these guys can handle the july games!
5. Elbow Rubbers.
The fans of Biscuits are, for the most part, Montgomery people. As such they respond well to being complimented and having their ego stroked. Getting the occasional celeb helps to that end, allowing them to peacock their way through a visit by whatever notable. Its been a few years since we had Jenny Finch, Dale Murphy, the Swamp People or even the Swamp Thing.
seriously, he makes appearances!
6. Free WiFi - Hook me up Santa! There is no excuse to keep the peeps from the tech.

7. Free Game. This idea was proposed to me by Jimmy B, who felt that it would be awesome to just open the gates and say thank you to Montgomery for footing the bill for the park. Have faith in your product, Biscuits, and make money on concessions while bringing in fans who wouldn't otherwise come.

It was put into practice by the Jackson Generals who gave FREE ADMISSION to their playoff games. That would knock out two things on our christmas list at once if it came on the night the Biscuits won the pennant, Santa!
This shoulda been us!

Former Skits find new homes

John Shelby signed with the White Sox, the former Biscuit spent this past year in independent ball.

Nevin Ashley signed with the Cinci reds. Another sign the Rays have no clue about catchers.

Derek Dietrich and his ever present grin have been dealt to the Marlins for Yunel "Tu ere" Escobar.
What it takes to get run out of Canada
Just grin and bear it

Former Skit staying put

SP Matty Buschmann will return as a Tampa Bay Ray, tho its yet to be seen if he will again anchor the Mgm staff. He had a great season and was a stiff competitor for our hometown nine. He was one of several late season moves that rewarded players with a promotion to Durham, which also effectively punished them by removing them from the chance for playoff experience. Not to mention punishing Biscuits fans by wrecking a great team .
found this great pic of Matt, who needs to put new pictures online so this one will be buried farther down the search

Former Skits needing homes

I see Scott Kazmir has been scouted by the Indians, I also think he would work well as an Oriole, though thats my own opinion and no reports connect the two.
Kaz just before the deal that brought him to the Biscuits for one home start and nobody took a picture

Delmon Young not signed yet. I am looking forward to seeing who he finds a job with, as he can be a tough fit in the clubhouse. The Mariners seem interested and they may be far enough from civilization for Delmon to not be noticed if he gets grumpy. Or he could tear the cover off the ball, its hard to know which guy shows up on any given day! 
Ain't he sweet?

No word on Wrigs signing, yet.

The Caracas Crusher had yet another monster game for the Leones, plating five runs to retake the VBL lead. This is Henry's last week in Venezuela and the fans in Caracas are begging him to stay longer, he has been a solid leader for them as well as swinging perhaps the hottest bat in winter ball. He is batting at a .311 clip and has 89 total bases in just 43 games, driving in 34 and scoring 33 times himself.
Henry Wrigley making his point known for Caracas

His ten homers don't tell the whole story of his power, he was in contention for the league lead when pitchers stopped giving him pitches to drive over the fence. Wrigs has made the adjustment and taken care of business as the Caracas cleanup hitter, providing the Leones with reliable at bats and productive outs. He has hit late inning game winning rbi's and driven in runs via the sacrifice fly, even moving over to play second base when the 50 man roster somehow came up short on middle infielders!


The Fighters met with Otani and his parents on December 3rd at Otanis request -he may inclined to sign with the Fighters.
Otani at a recent press conference

Not sure I agree with that if its the decision, and suspect the Fighters may have slanted the info they have given the young prospect. I guess time will tell, but I sort of hope he is going to tell them to get stuffed and sign with a team in the states where I believe he would get some of the best coaching available.


originally supposed to be a mausoleum for baseballs greatest cadavers, for some unknown reasons the Gehrig family didnt go along with the idea and it became a shrine instead


Hank O'Day
Hank O'Day also managed the Cubs

One of the most famous of umpires, second in games called behind the plate and an obvious no brainer to enshrine. How has he not already been inducted?

Deacon White

Awesome choice, more on this guy in a later blog when I can dedicate to him alone! A catcher from the era of real men who wore mustaches and not gloves!

Col Ruppert
Just this alone should be enough, how many can say they signed The Babe?

The guy owned the yankees during their best era, and built Yankee stadium. How was he not already inducted?

From the candidates on this years ballot, one of my faves tops the list for me.

Craig Biggio
With over three thousand hits and being an all star for the Astros at three different positions he is a first ballot no doubter. A fine catcher who moved to second to save his legs, then again doing what was best for the team by learning center field CB is easily among my fave players.
Even the replica giveaway is dirty!

He had the filthiest helmet in baseball history. Classic.

Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Palmiero,
They all have the numbers but I cant enshrine them - at least not yet. Maybe time will change the minds of the social group, but I cant  do it now. Just too soon, and that is largely the fault of the commissioner. It is his job to have taken care of this years ago, and he simply keeps ignoring it.
The main thing wrong with baseball the past twenty years

That being said, I think there needs to be more players in the hall. There are guys who have already been passed over I think should be in. Guys like Lee Smith and Tim Raines. I think Fred McGriff should be in with his 493 homers, also Larry Walker who was a hit machine with over 200 steals to go along with a career avg of .313.

There are guys I would vote for who had no hope of getting in, but would surely appreciate getting a vote or two in recognition of their efforts. If a few more eligible voters felt that way it would make the debate of who gets in a little less contested than who has been kept out.

I would go in on several first timers on this years ballot - I would put a vote in on Julio Franco just to tip the cap to his eternal youth. His WAR is 39.7 which is also about how long his career lasted!
Gotta lot of candles on that cake, Julio!

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