Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In my last blog post I stated that the Amazing Alexander wasn't very amazing. In fact it was the Amazing Christopher who the Biscuits had appear at a game, and it was he who was not very amazing. Something about his plane being late kept him from performing before until mid-way through the game.

The Amazing Alexander may indeed be amazing, or not, I have not had the opportunity to know. Apologies for any confusion caused. The Amazing Johnathon is someone else entirely.


Otani chose to sign with a team in Japan that says they will let him develop as both a pitcher and a cleanup hitting DH. hmmm....


I think its a good move for both sides, but a tough trade to make for both teams since they are swapping quality for quality. Fans will cry about it but this works for the Rays now who need to replace Bj Upton and get a lefty for the bullpen while the Royals get a nice upgrade in the rotation.

We see so many questionable contracts, salary dumps and shady deals in baseball that its nice to finally see a real baseball trade. Both sides gave up alot, but also stand to gain plenty as well.


I get down on the local team, but they do plenty of things right other than just having the bright idea to position themselves a few blocks from my home.

Among such things seems to be choosing announcers, as we have had a nice long string of listenable voices calling games. I appreciate that we have gotten younger announcers and enjoyed that we have avoided rehiring someone from another Southern League team. I am looking forward to a full season of Aaron Vargas, who seems to have a good handle on the radio after steering the ship solo while our usual guy was off getting a bigger gig with ESPN.

I liked Joe Davis, but honestly felt he was less of a baseball guy than other sports.

I do still think the team should have give Jim Tocco whatever it took and solidified the Dynasty behind the microphone. If we could get him back we should do so, if even for a few games, that guy is fun to listen to!
Jim and Jesse - the golden era of montgomery baseball radio

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