Friday, July 26, 2013

Biscuit and League Headlines, Jersey Auction Suggestions


Biloxi is not on the 2014 SL Schedule sent to MLB farm directors for approval. It has already been approved by the teams in the Southern league.
1903 Southern League Schedule

Biloxi will not open next year with a team but has hopes of moving a current franchise mid-season. That has never happened in this incarnation of the Southern League, but those familiar with Montgomery baseball history know that we lost our team midseason 1956 to Knoxville. During that same summer we replaced the departed team with the Little Rock team, effectively moving up from Single-A to Double-A in one summer. It was short lived tho, the Rebels were D-League from '57 until the mid-sixties.

Southern League Hall of Fame Created, First Three Inductees are Executives
With no physical location other than a plaque in the hallway of the league offices, this has quickly degraded into a self serving pat on their own back. The reason this hasn't already been done is because without it being an independent entity its just a failed project.

Mobile pitcher Eric Smith was given the same suspension as Biscuits catcher Mark Thomas, having been caught with a non-performance enhancing drug in his system. Marvin Miller fought to keep Smith and Thomas from being suspended, but MLB owners rammed through 80's style "Just Say No" rules and players weren't in a position to fight it. The next Bargaining Agreement will likely be more bargaining and less agreements.

Among Southern League headlines "Montgomery pulls tarp off field".

Ozzie says what is on everyones minds at the start of the game on Thursday

Each team should host the Southern League Shrine of Fame the year they host the AllStar Game. Each team should be allowed to focus on their own history, and caretake their own history when the Shrine moves to a new location for a year.

But hey, thats just my suggestion!

I got lots of suggestions, for all kinda things. Which leads us to the next topic....




Probly Road Blues this year!
1. Offer the uniforms unwashed as an option. Some collectors prefer game used looks, you may be washing away value!
2. Offer game used caps signed by the players at a lower bid than the Jerseys. This gives fans who cant afford a jersey something to take home and adds to the charitable donations.
3. Offer complete uniforms, including pants, hat and socks. For top players, this would be highly desirable for collectors.
4. Arrange signing of the item for the winning bidder, as an option. The washing is an issue again, so it should be an autograph and no wash as an option.
5. Game used bases are sold at MLB games -  would add items to the auction not usually seen from Biscuits games.
6. Stagger the auction end times so that there are two batches of items, ending at different times. This would give bidders who miss out on top tier items in the first round a chance to get something. Lots of folks walk away with nothing and shouldn't have to!
7. Auction the Road gray jerseys - the Silver Surfers are loved and hated, give fans a chance to acquire a FULL SET of team gear!
8. Offer round of batting practice on the field with the coaches and/or team. VERY popular.
9. Give winners from last year a chance to match last years bid on the road jersey for the player they got last year. Get a full set for your fave player.
10.  Hire pro photographer for the event. Seriously, its worth it to the patrons!

11. BONUS SUGGESTION: Give the guy with GREAT suggestions some good gear for being so helpful with ideas given FOR FREE!

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