Monday, September 23, 2013

Big Start to Offseason 2013

An understatement to say big start, as having the parent club is a rare treat. Also the promotion of Enny Romero to Tampa after an 18 inning marathon is a cool way to send off the Biscuits.


Next year it looks like we will get two bobbleheads or figurines, Im gonna guess they are to commemorate both our No-Hitters, Matt Moore and Victor Mateo. I know there has already been a Matt Moore giveaway, but it wasn't attached to the Biscuits history and looked as much like Bobs Big Boy than anyone in the Rays rotation.

A FIRST! ...Sort Of

The Biscuits hosting the Rays is a great game to have, but the press release by the Biscuits is true in wording only - they give the impression that a major league team has never played in Montgomery. We know that it happens often here in the Capitol City, though not expressly to play their own affiliate. Many times past teams have come here to face other big league teams, to train or play a variety of exhibition games.

Box score Rebels vs Dodgers, 1948

Classic Dodgers Meet Classic Montgomery. 

In 1948 the Dodgers came to town, meeting with the players on the Air Force base teams. Later that day, they took on the Rebels.

Rebels Pitcher Joe Demoran

Walter Alston addressing the team in Montgomery and yes, i stole the photo
However, as Montgomery tried to resist integration, teams soon stayed away from the controversy. The fans did the same and attendance fell off in Montgomery and other southern cities and although the Rebs finally accepted the change - see entry titled The Day Baseball Changed in Montgomery - the damage was done.

 Not only in Montgomery, but all across the south where once MLB teams barnstormed their way north on trains, big league teams now took chartered aircraft and bypassed exhibitions south of the Mason-Dixon line. This was pretty much the standard until the late 60s and early 70s, when teams started building new partnerships with their affiliates to develop the minor league game into an entertainment enterprise.

Only then did teams start to look at building the fan base by taking on their affiliates again.

During the 1970's the Atlanta Braves would often host the Southern League AllStars in an exhibition game held during the AllStar Break.... in Atlanta. Nothing like having your allstar game in a city that doesnt have a team in the league! 


It sounds like there WILL be a World Series viewing party at Riverwalk, same as last year. It was a rousing success even though the Rays weren't in the postseason last year. If they make the playoffs it would surely lock in the party plans!

Its officially for Season Ticketholders, but I think the team would do well to turn it into an open promotion for all fans while still providing treats for the Season Ticket folks. Maybe charge $1 to non-season ticket holders and give the money to charity... What do you think, Biscuits?

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