Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter-Biscuit Roster Changes

 Biscuits Free Agents and Released Players

A whole batch of minor leaguers applied for free agency about three weeks ago, including quite a few players who had time for the Biscuits. Like Victor Mateo and Kyeong Kang, a few have already resigned with the Rays or found new homes.

Below is a list of the free agents and if they have signed a new contract that I am aware of.
Throw no hitter = get re-signed

Victor Mateo - resigned
Eric Hamren
Joe Van Meter
Robi Estrada
Carlos Fisher
Mark Thomas
Matt Nevarez
Albert Suarez - resigned
Kyeong Kang - signed with Baltimore
Mayo Acosta - resigned
Mike Colla - resigned

Among eight players released by the Rays earlier this month, a trio of Biscuits appear.

Neil Schenk
Jake Floethe
Austin Hubbard

There is no telling where any of the above will be by next year, at this point even the big club isnt sure who will fill every slot.  But with nine of the above still without a job in the Rays system, it could be the Biscuits will have alot of new faces in April. Considering our last place finish, thats not a bad thing!


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