Monday, January 27, 2014

Biscuits announce coaches today!

Coaches finally announced today
This time of year its slow but I always enjoy it as a time to research new info. Hopefully with the announcement of the coaching staff today the news picks up, but till then I will share a couple of my fave odd finds during the archival diggings.

Announced today, the new skipper for the 'Skitz is Brady Williams. I put forth Williams as a likely candidate back on January 1st, the son of a big league skipper like outgoing manager Gardner. Should be a fine choice to advance up the ladder like the players he managed last year for the Stone Crabs.

 Actual blog below, happy scrolling!

What an attraction, who could turn down enormous head?

Heres Shoeless Joe Jackson selling us garters... he uses them to hold his socks up cuz he aint called Sockless Joe!

Some kids get batting tips from the Cubs Johnny Evers... and the dog from Our Gang.

Nice!~ I wonder if it comes in "enormous"?

Baybears, Lookouts, Braves, Smokies, Barons, Wahoos, Stars, Generals have all announced minor league field staffs. That leaves the Jacksonville Suns and Biscuits as the last teams to divulge the info to fans. The Rays will announce the new assignments today, so we will have almost all of the coaches boxes filled.

We had ten teams in 1868
Here is the coaching list so far:

South Division
Biscuits - Rays - TBA
Suns - Marlins - TBA
Baybears - Az - Andy Green mgr, Jacob Cruz hitting, Wellington Cepeda pitching
Braves - Atl - Aaron Holbert mgr, Jamie Dismukes hitting, Dennis Llewallyn pitching
Wahoos - Cinci - DeShields mgr, ? Pitching coach, Alex Pelaez hitting

North Divison
Barons - WhiteSox - Vinas mgr, Brandon Moore hitting, Britt Burns pitching
Stars - Mil - Carlos Subero mgr, Sandy Guerrero hitting coach, Chris Hook pitching
Generals - Sea - Jim Horner mgr, Roy Howell hitting, Lance Painter pitching
Lookouts - LA -  Razor Shines mgr, Shawn Wooten hitting, Scott Radinsky pitching
Smokies - Cubs - Buddy Bailey mgr, Desi Wilson hitting, Storm Davis pitching

When I look at that list of names I think, wow, DeShields and Storm Davis - other than them there just aint alot of name recognition!
Great guys, good skippers all, but not marquee names on the back of their shirts!


Former Biscuit Alex Torrez was traded for Logan Forsythe and three other players who add up to "organizational depth".
Maybe we will end up seeing one or two of them. Also included in the trade was Jesse Hahn, who I had ticketed for the Biscuit starting rotation. Time will tell on this deal, but so far the early consensus is that the Rays gave up alot in just two guys.

Season ticket holders for the P-cola team will be given free admission to the Reds-Wahoos exhibition game. A very cool perk, no doubt!
The Babe indeed appeared here in exhibition games

We here in Mgm have to pay twice as much for our seats, so the team will make twice as much money and punt the goodwill department.

The Wahoos will make half as much, but they will pull a double whammy by giving the season ticket holders a free gift and also having seats to sell to the general public.

In Mgm season ticketholders got first whack at the seats and bought up alot of prime real estate, so there is expected to be slim pickings for the public consumption.

Already Rays-Biscuits tix are being scalped online for about double the face value of the tickets.

Bottom line, score another win for the Wahoos front office. They have consistently equaled or bettered most season ticket benefits available in the Southern league. Hopefully its the first shot in a war to win baseball fans among the teams in the league - a war fans should win!

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