Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time Factor Creeps In

Yes indeed, time is a factor for the Biscuits. Last week we got to the one-quarter pole in the MLB season, containing deeper importance for a team in a split season - the first half is halfway complete. Make sense?

Its tough on the Skitz but they did enjoy a day off, skiing, mountainclimbing, catching spies and all other things a player can do on an offday and free netflix from the apartment complex's unsecured WiFi.

Or maybe get something for the grill and just have dinner.

Good for them, because the work starts again today- the North Division sends their beastly Stars to face off on Military Wednesday to begin another five game assault. Last time here they took four of five games, pounding out over 35 runs on us. And that was before the roster moves that sunk the lineup into the slump its been in this month. A strong showing will be needed in the next three weeks if a first half victory is to be had.

The MoBiscuits are currently tied for second place with the Ms.Braves, both three games behind division leader Mobile.

Congrats to Hak-Ju, not only is he getting back on track with his career prospects after his injury last year, but he also got his Durham Bulls 2013 Championship Ring. Nice!

MAY 21 1906
Montgomery hosts New Orleans in a record setting game, it takes just 2 hours and 22 minutes to play all nine innings. There's something you don't see anymore!

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