Sunday, August 17, 2014

Finally - Smokies!

The last team to debut at Riverwalk is the one we will see most of next year - the Cubs double-A affiliate Tennessee Smokies.

Being a Cubs fan, its been a long wait to see the BabyBears. Already gone are a host of prospects that have inhabited the Smokies roster this year and last. There is no Baez or Bryant, no Soler.

We do see some fine prospects though - Addison Russell tops among them. Russell is fresh from Oaklands chain, arrived in the Samardijza deal. Glad that guy is gone, i never could learn to spell his name. Good pitcher, but a beast of a typo to fix.


The Smokies being one of the top teams in the league, the Biscuits will have their hands full in the next five games. The Smokies hit the ball well and have the dreaded lefty pitchers, kryptonite to biscuit bats.

And so the Grape Jelly Series begins!

we should have gotten him the chicken


AUGUST 16 1906 

Montgomery pitcher William Breitenstein shuts out Atlanta on 3 hits.

"Vinegar Bill" wins 11 and loses 11 in 26 games on the hill, splitting time between the Oh-Six Shreveport Pirates and the Montgomery Senators.

Breitenstein  makes his appearance in the t208 set as a late issue red border during his management gig with Columbia S.C. in 1910, coaching for the University of South Carolina.

AUGUST 16 1920 
Montgomery, AL

"Grey Sox Win Second From Knoxville Team - Locals Take Advantage of Visitors' Errors and Win Monday's Game - Taking advantage of errors made by their opponents, the Montgomery Grey Sox team defeated the Knoxville Giants Monday afternoon by the score of 5 to 1.

Dickey and Mason pitched good ball, but the former received poor support at critical stages of the game, while the local twirler was given jam up support whenever the visiting team threatened to score."

AUGUST 17th 1906 
Bert Maxwell
The day after Breitenstein shuts out the Crackers, Montgomery Pitcher Maxwell again shuts out Atlanta, this time on one hit.

The Senators squeak out just 3 hits themselves, scoring once off Crackers pitcher Childs as the Senators record back-to-back shutouts.

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