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Motter walkoff, New Biscuits unis, Skitz MVP Discussion

Taylor Motter walkoff video? Right here!

Since we are nearing the end of the season, I thought I would open the discussion on which player should be dubbed the Biscuits Most Valuable Player. Most years there is a top choice but this group provides a little room for debate on the subject.

Here are the main suspects candidates, though I am curious to know who blog readers prefer. Sound off on the comments, tweet me or just tell me who you prefer when you see me at the park!

Ryan Brett leads the team in batting average, stolen bases and other stats, he has been a plus defender all year long as he battled through injuries.
Popular with fans for his consistent good play, Brett has played his way onto the prospect lists. His defensive range at second base has been stellar and he is among the top contributors with the bat.

Does Ryan Brett know he is just a few steals from being the Biscuits single-season franchise leader in stolen bases? Here's hoping he does!

Taylor Motter has provided boost in the power department, made stellar throws from the outfield and played at six different positions as the Biscuits super-utility man.

With over twenty outfield assists against just three miscues, Motter has drawn oohs and aahs from the crowd by throwing out baserunners all summer long.

Driving in a pile of runs to lead the team in RBI, Motter has gotten the job done at the plate.
With just about a dozen games left in the season, it seems likely Motter could finish the year as the team leader in Homeruns.

Cameron Seitzer has been a steady lefthander and one of the leaders in homers. He has played excellent defense at third base and picked up a couple games at shortstop and third base when the team was shorthanded.

 His average has slipped as his power surges but he has been a team leader on the field. Second on the team in walks, Cameron knows the strike zone well and forces the other team to pitch to him.

Curt Casali - twenty games, one homer for MVP? Probably not. But I am open to other candidates, or anything that sets one of these guys apart from the others. They are all pulling the weight in their own ways, so its tough to choose!

and in a related story....

This past offseason I was told the team would be auctioning the Silver Surfer jerseys, but in fact they are offering the home whites.

The white home tops are popular charity auction items due to the name on back and its simply what the fans see the Biscuits in. I think its a good idea, only nuts like me want the silver mesh road alternates that don't match the pants.

Beckham in road alternate

The reason given is that after two seasons in them, the team will be getting all new home jerseys next year. The current ones are very nice, maybe too nice. They are heavy fabric with sleeves, players feel they are too hot to wear!

So we will see another new home uniform top for the Biscuits next year. No word yet on a redesign, or if it will be the same look on a cooler weather fabric. Surely an updated design is tempting, though potentially expensive, for the AllStar Game hosts.

The bad news? Expect a mesh fabric home jersey next year.


So, how about a Big Mo Beer stein? We have spent over a decade drinking the most expensive beer in the league, how about a giveaway that rewards the faithful beer swillers who cheer the team no matter what place its in!

Big Mo would be a perfect subject, and beer steins are popular giveaways that don't cost a ton of money to produce.

This is a conversation I heard at the Biscuits game yesterday.

Big Mo attacks Fernando Cortez 2004
Dude, here comes the Biscuit thing.
The what?
The biscuit.
That thing there. (points to Big Mo)
Dude, remind me not to eat biscuits at your house.
No, thats their Biscuit thing, their mascot.
What is it?
I dont know, like a snuffleuphagus or something
An aardvark maybe, a big fuzzy anteater?
No dude, hes a biscuit-snuffleuphagus.

After eleven seasons grown men still have no idea what the Biscuits mascot is. Im just sayin.

AUGUST 20 1968 
Jim Floor
Montgomery uses five pitchers to beat Bham and maintain the league lead. Lefty Jim Floor, just 19, gets his third win in four days as a reliver.
Montgomery has won seven straight games and 13 straight against Bham.

Also on this date Satchel Paige is announced as a pitcher for the Braves.

AUGUST 21 1920 
Montgomery, AL
"Birmingham Wins Final From Locals - Grey Sox Infield "Blows" in Fifth Inning, Giving Game to Visitors -
Taking advantage of error made by the Grey Sox infielders, Birmingham All Stars defeated the local aggregation Saturday afternoon by the score of three to one.

The Grey Sox infield "blew up" in the fifth inning and the visitors scored three runs, a lead which the locals were unable to overcome. Solman and Streeter pitched good ball, but the "breaks" of the game were against the local twirler.

The Grey Sox batters hit the ball hard, but the visiting players made almost impossible stops and plays on several drives and this play killed all chances of the locals. In the fifth inning, McCormick made two errors, each being responsible for runs and Williams permitted another to score when he allowed a third strike to get away from him. After this inning the locals settled down and played good ball. The visiting twirler kept his hits well scattered and at no time during the game did he allow them to be bunched.

The two teams will play again this afternoon, the game starting at 3:30 o'clock. Manager Cunningham will probably send Myers to the mound, while Zeige will hurl for Birmingham."

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