Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Schadenfreude Series, 2015 ASG Plans, Affiliate Shuffle


The Southern League playoffs

Theres Jacksonville, who turned down a chance to move to triple-A versus the Lookouts who haven't won since the 1980s and will lose their affiliation after the last out of the championships.

Eliminated already are the Mobile Baybears who will also likely lose their affiliation and the Huntsville Stars who have announced a move but may not have a park to play in. All in all its the battle of failing franchises.

For me, its not about who wins, its about enjoying who loses. There isn't a standout team in the league to pull for and each of the contenders were antagonistic to the fans on their trips to Montgomery, so I wish they could all enjoy the agony of defeat.


Even as Chattanooga plays for its first title since the Reagan administration, the Dodgers are ready to bail out on the Lookouts and the Southern league as a whole.

The dodgers purchased their triple-A affiliate and would like their double-A team to have a closer drive to Oklahoma City. The player development contract between the Dodgers and the Lookouts will not be renewed, regardless of the outcome of the Southern league playoffs. Tulsa has not renewed with the Rockies and its expected the Dodgers would try to agree to have their double-A team there.

So win lose or draw the Lookouts will have a new big league parent club next spring, assuming they can lure and approve the shuffle.

Up for new PDC's at the double-A level are Arizona, Minnesota and the Rockies. Yet to renew are Mobile, Chattanooga, Tulsa and New Britain, the latter of which intends to move next season. Also yet to finalize are Erie-Tigers, Jackson TN-Mariners, Midland CA-Athletics, Richmond-Giants partnerships.  

Word on the street says that we could get the Colorado double-A team, but you didn't hear it from HuggyBear.

Teams have until Sept 11th to announce termination of contracts with minor league teams. Between Sept 16th and October 7th teams can negotiate new affiliations with Major League parents, but if no deal is struck by then MLB will pair teams with affiliates.

The forced pairings would likely be for the usual two years, deals signed by willing MLB-MiLB partners are scheduled to run in even-numbered years.

We were told that coming this month would be details of the Biscuits-hosted AllStar Game and Festivities.

I still think its a travesty that no effort has been made to hold the HomeRun Derby at Paterson Field, or alternatively, the very much rebuilt Cramton Bowl.

What do I expect? A pile of sponsorship related events, a Banquet sponsored by Creek Casino, Alfa Home Run Derby, 2015 Allstar Game.

I have hopes we could invite Dick Greco and Richard Egan, the Montgomery All Time single season Homerun and Strikeout leaders. Perhaps we could bring back former Rebels John Young and Bud Lively.

I have already said I hoped they would bring Jim Tocco as on-field Emcee, an appearance by the Famous Chicken as repeat performers from the 2006 ASG would be wonderful.

I also expect to see DJ Kitty. There is no excuse, Biscuits!

Perhaps we could bring on some other treats...

Bring Domingo Ayala to the Southern League AllStar Game 2015.
You got the AllStars, why not bring THE Star?

Three time rookie of the year Domingo Ayala would be a great pre-game show and a super treat for Montgomery fans who are a little tired of the same Myron Noodleman and BirdZerk type acts we have since since 2004.

Old Timers Game -

Ted Brazell
Ask a local legend like Ted Brazell to captain one of the teams and recent MLB regular like Marlon Anderson to skipper the other and lets have at it!

Old Timers games are great!
It could be a good use the day before the ASG and would give the fans a real chance to enjoy the history and learn about local ballplayers that made it to the majors.

Did you know that 318 current or former major league players were born in the state of Alabama? We only need about a dozen...

Alternate Suggestion: Mix in a few local celebs and offer up a softball game as another option. Can Rich Thomas pitch a couple innings?

SUGGESTED SPONSOR - Montgomery Advertiser & WSFA

 Throwback Jersey

1954 Montgomery Rebels jersey
The old Montgomery road jersey would be a perfect style to offer as a shirt giveaway, coupled with the vintage logo of a sponsor, perhaps on the sleeve or back

No need to offend with a different team name, focus on the City and maybe its Capital of Dreams concept.


Throwback Game

I don't buy the excuses for not using Paterson Field for the Home Run Derby, but nonetheless I think Montgomery fans would love to see a one-game throwback at the old park.

Paterson Field
The field there is in better shape than the Riverwalk turf was this summer, the Biscuits lead the league in Food Carts, the teams would be able to dress and bus to the park in less than five minutes. 

Pre-sell the game jerseys the players will wear to cut down on expense.

Include Hank Sr, whose gravesite is just a few hundred feet from the ballpark, Hank could be commemorated with a patch on the jersey. It will be the 70th anniversary of Hank appearing on WSFA in Montgomery, singing on a weekly radio program in 1945.

SUGGESTED SPONSOR- Coca Cola, longtime sponsor of Mgm baseball, Hank Williams Sr Museum

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