Monday, January 12, 2015

Look Into Dr.Miraculous' Crystal Ball for Skitz Roster 2015

Time again for predictions and prognostications!

Every January we take a look into the future and put together a list of what could be the Biscuits roster for the summer. Its my favorite post of the year, and the hardest to put together.

While never 100% right, I feel that we get more right than wrong and even the ones we miss on usually end up with the Skitz at some point during the season. This list is independent of other projected lists, we simply look at a player and ask "is he ready for double-A?". Sometimes its "does he need more time at double-A?".

There are a couple more names listed than the roster size allows for. One of these guys is on injury rehab and could start on the DL (Linsky) while another (Seitzer) is likely here only for a couple weeks at the start of the season, Casali-style, due to a logjam at the position.

Your 2015 Montgomery Biscuits

Brady Williams mgr
RC Lichtenstein Pitching coach
Ozzie Timmons Hitting coach

I think the Skitz coaches do a Led Zep - the song remains the same. 

Last year the Rays announced coaching assignments on Jan 10th and on Jan 8th the year previous, so its a fair bet that we will learn our coaching staff this week.


LHP Grayson Garvin SP
RHP Jared Mortensen SP
RHP Austin Pruitt SP
RHP Mark Sappington SP
LHP Blake Snell SP

Rhp Roberto Gomez
Rhp Jhan Martinez
Rhp Colton Reavis - closer
Rhp Ryan Garton
Lhp Jordan Harrison
Rhp Parker Markel
Lhp Kevin Brandt
Rhp Lenny Linsky

1b Patrick Leonard
2b Leo Reginatto
3b Richie Shaffer
SS Dan Robinson
MI Hector Guevara
1b/DH Cameron Seitzer

OF Johnny Field
OF Andrew Toles
OF Kes Carter
OF Marty Gantt
OF Joey Rickard

C Justin O'Conner
C Maxx Tissenbaum

I said in a previous post that Brady Williams was manager of the Brisbane Bandits. In fact, he is a coach but not manager. My bad.

To Neil Allen, former Biscuits pitching coach, on getting a big league gig with the Twins.

And to former Biscuit Rocco Baldelli, who also lands a major league post as the new first base coach for the Tampa Rays.


JANUARY 12 1954 

Mgm Mgr "Sparky" Olson
Marv "Sparky" Olson named Mgm Mgr in Montgomery - the former major league second baseman with the RedSox in the 1930s and joins Hoke Vandigriff's Rebels just as the Montgomery team integrates for the first time.

Players like Robert Wiltse signed after his military service time is done, harry desert, bill glendenning and Jerry Kliensmith are also purchased.

The team changes name from Grays to Rebels officially. Mgm had been the Rebels in the old Southeeastern League, but switched when they entered the Sally League in 1951 to avoid confusion w. Charleston Rebels. With Charleston dropping out of the league, the Montgomery team is free to reclaim their long-standing team name.

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