Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hadda Blog

Yes I hadda blog about something, because I hadda blog but didnt like it so I trashed it and now dont have one so I hadda have one! How bout that for Stengel-ese?

I had written a draft post but found it wasn't quite up to snuff, so I put it in the bin to start afresh. So its a mix of minor notes and lesser info, but its my mix so here it goes:


The front office was thrilled to be click-voted the top name in minor league baseball, over the Toledo Mud Hens.

Unconfirmed, but I expect a pitch clock to be at Riverwalk this year, probably in front of my own damn seat! I will do all I can to sabotage it, though having our booth run it is probably the worst thing we can do to it.

Maxx Tissenbaum and other Brisbane Bandits are headed home after the Australian Baseball League's conclusion. I think we can expect Maxx to be the first Biscuit with double-XX's in their first name.

The Back-to-the-Future Jerseys probably are going to depict Marty McFlys red down trucker vest. Proceeds from the auction of the jerseys will go to Parkinsons charities.

I spoke with the city Parks dept, who put me in touch with Neil at the O'Connor tennis facility that was Bruce Park. He knew nothing of the locations past other than its start as a tennis court was in 1971.

Its quite a popular spot for local tennis players in part due to it having a view of the courts from the clubhouse - a view not available at Lagoon Parks tennis clubhouse. They have 12 courts available and while it is an older facility its well maintained by an able staff - if you play tennis I suggest you put it on your list. Its conveniently located off of Highland Ave at 1616 Reuben Street.


This week the Braves Caravan arrives in Montgomery, with Bo Porter and Ryan Klesko as headliners.

I won't dog it, we love the caravan, but you have to admit the Braves caravan is pretty weak this year. Chattanooga gets 2b Phil Gosselin. Just Phil, alone. No coach, no other players, maybe not even Homer. One player isnt much of a caravan.

Thursday April 9th is Biscuits Opening Day - we get a look at the Twins-flavored Chattanooga Lookouts. Doug Meinkevich will have his first game as a manager and we might get to see super-prospect Byron Buxton.
Chattanooga was also a charter member of the Southern Association when it began play in 1901. After the 1902 season, however, owner Mims Hightower sold the team to interests in Montgomery, Alabama.  

April 13,14,15 Marlins visit the Braves, loaded with talent this could be a series fans want to see. Or not, since it is the Marlins.

May 19 & 20th the Tampa Bay Rays return to the Ted to face the Braves for the first time in a couple seasons. The parent club looks alot different than the last time we saw them, it will be interesting to see the new look Rays.

MAY 22nd
Hot Dog Festival - how ironic that we host the Smokies as opponents for this promotion

May 26th How about that Rickwood Classic? Its a Wednesday afternoon of baseball paradise. This years guest of honor is Darryl Strawberry.

July 14th is the MLB AllStar Game, the first series after the break will see the Cubs visiting Atlanta. July 17,18,19 means for a hot three game set in Hot-Lanta for Cubs fans.

August 3-5 The Giants make one appearance in Atlanta in the first week of August, the 3rd through the 5th.

August 6,7,8,9 The Marlins return to Atl.

August 30th Motley Crue plays in Atlanta for the final time. So they say.

August 31, Sept 1 & 2 Pesky Marlins back to Atlanta.

Now that I revisit the promotions list, I DONT see the Desmond Jennings Bobblehead we were told to expect. I hope its just yet to appear, as Skitz fans won't be thrilled to hear they don't get a bobble for yet another season.

Also missing - Rays Night, Fan Appreciation Night, Splash Day, Eat-A-Palooza, Big Mo's Birthday, Charities Night, Auburn-Alabama Night, Pub Crawls.

when I found this undated mention of a local great, I knew I had to share it
The Whip writer found a promising answer in an Associated Press report about a young colored southpaw holding down the mound for the Montgomery Grey Sox who “would prove Babe Ruth’s master. Streeter is the name of this king pitcher. In a recent game played with some of the greatest players in the Southern League this giant struck out 27 men in succession. He did not allow a single man to knock a foul ball. It is said he has more curve and better control than any man who has tossed a ball.”


The Smokies open their home season with a day game. Starting on the road means the Cubs affiliate will have opening day a week late and the scheduled day game home opener is indeed a throwback to old Southern League afternoon start times. Too bad they aren't making it a true throwback, with classic uniforms and lemon ices. Still, its an odd start to the season for the Smokies.

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