Monday, February 9, 2015

Answers on The Future, The Past and The Biscuits

Finally we are getting some answers!

Lets start with an answer I was given by one of the Biscuits Boosters -  I had a great time speaking with the Booster Club and as I suspected I learned almost as much as anyone. It was Roy S. who gave me an answer I had been seeking for a number of weeks.

 He told me about Bruce Park - it was used as a youth field in the 1950s and 60s. I had a suspicion that it could be an industrial league location, Roy let me know that he himself played on that field as he was coming along. I recall when the ball fields were built at AUM and at that time parents were happy to have new facilities, but nobody mentioned that Bruce Park was the older field being replaced. Thanks so much for that info, Roy!

For more info on the Biscuits Booster Club - check out their website!


Another answer is one I have for a question I was asked by the Boosters - who was Paterson Field named for? At the meeting I drew a blank, but should have shot down the suggestion that the field was named for former Governor Patterson. The spelling of the name is different as well as the fact that Gov.Patterson didnt come into office until the 1960s.

But I did take a look in the files and sure enough here it is....
Poor guy, they typo'd his name in the headline!

But who was Bill Paterson jr?
For that we can learn much from his obit.
In an unrelated story, I see Carolyn James won FFA Sweetheart!
So there we have it, Paterson Field is named for the son of the founder of Alabama State and the head of Rosemont Gardens. Mr.Paterson also was an Auburn football star and headed the construction of the stadium that bears his name. Spelled with one "T".

As a side note - all my life I have seen it called it incorrectly "Paterson Field" when we see in the article it was originally "Paterson STADIUM". Wonder when that changed? Pretty quick since it is what is on the sign even in the 1950s!

No word on the improvements we had heard about over the summer regarding Paterson Field. The mayor counted "upcoming improvements" at the old ballpark among the cities accomplishments in 2014.
Paterson Stadium sign now removed

Paterson Stadium 1952
The only current change we can see is the removal of the sign. Wait, is that improvement? Taking down a pretty notable aspect of the ballpark isnt much of an improvement unless there is a new one going up in its place.

Hopefully we see the city treat the field with the respect deserving of the man who gave so much to the city.

next up...
an answer for Biscuit fans - the Meet the Team event is back on the schedule. It was missing last year, its omission was wildly unpopular among fans and blamed by team officials on having the season open with an exhibition game against the Rays. This year we will enjoy a meet and greet with the new crew a few days before opening day.

Will Wear Biloxi Home Uniforms

It was announced that Huntsville would host games at the Joe, though the team will wear the uniform of its future city. Also, some games will be held in Pearl Miss and in Jacksonville.

The Shuckers will wear their Biloxi uniforms, driving a stake into Huntsville fans hearts.


young Buck Showalter tore up the SL
At an event this week Pensacola took time to honor its MLB alum with a nice dinner. It provided an opportunity for the community to show its thanks to the guys who worked to make it to the bigs. The guest of honor was big league manager Buck Showalter, who grew up in the PCola area.

Along with Showalter, many mlb veterans with ties to the Pensacola area were in attendance including Travis Fryman, Mark Whiten and my personal P-Cola favorite - Dennis Llewallyn.

Dennis Llewallyn
Also among the notables at the Pensacola event were Alabama native HOFer Don Sutton (Clio, Al) and former Montgomery Rebel
Jake Wood.

As a concept, its an idea Montgomery could learn from, as our history runs deep. However in the past ten years the one single commemoration of Mgm baseball's past was sadly under-promoted before being rained out and never rescheduled.


We have seen the future, and it is wearing a red trucker vest.

The Back to the Future night jerseys have been revealed and it is pretty much what we expected - Marty McFly's signature outfit on a poly blend jersey.

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