Friday, February 27, 2015

Shucks Million Dollar Wager

The Biloxi ballpark got bad news at this weeks Biloxi City Council meeting - it will take another million dollars to finish the ballpark. Even then, it may not be finished "on time".

"On time" is in quotes because obviously, its not "on time" enough to start the season. That makes "on time" a nebulous concept, one even Biloxi city and Southern league officials are trying to define. "Game ready" on the playing field doesn't necessarily translate to ready to host a game in front of actual fans. City officials are likely to try to wriggle out of the fines based on the lack of definition of the terms defining the fines for not having a stadium that is "game ready". I expect this could become a litigious issue between city, team and league lawyers.


So what do the Shuckers get for their million bucks? To start with, probably nothing - as the city probably doesn't have a million to spend.

But IF they did, it would probably go to filling out the seating bowl with amenities like water fountains and handrails. Thats pure speculation, because the article doesn't say what the million dollars is needed for. It could simply be to pay workers overtime. Its shady to think that construction demands a million bucks but city officials wont point out where the money is going.

No Frills for Shuckers in Huntsville
And when? Shuckers officials say April 21st is the day they are shooting for, but obviously they won't make it. Already Huntsville has been told it will host two weeks worth of games and another five games will be played in Pearl, Miss. June 6th is the projected home opener according to the Southern league but even that is questionable.


Fans in Huntsville seem torn between boycotting the team and going to the games just long enough to Boo when the Shuckers are announced. Hville officials imply a bare bones field and minimum attention to what the team needs to play its games. 

Its not known if the million dollars would guarantee a mid June opening day or not. City Councilman Lawrence said he would rather see the city pay the $1mil to prepare the stadium than give $10k a game in fines.

Even if the city had to pay a fine for every game of the season, it would be less than a million dollars - so fans wait to see what the outcome will be.

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