Monday, August 31, 2015

Fierce Activity in Final Lap, Field Injured

The league standings are very close in the South Division but not so much in the North. While the Mobile BayBears losses to the Biscuits this weekend have dropped them a few games back, they are trying to make it a three team contest in the South.

The BayBears are doing their best to catch the top two teams, Pensacola holds a slim half game lead over the MsBraves with just seven games remaining in the schedule.

Its anyones guess as to who takes the crown, Mobile goes to gets a chance at Pensacola in head to head action that will help decide who takes the title in the South. The Braves, also a factor, are on the road to Jacksonvile to face the last-place Suns and could have the advantage in the race.

In the North, the Biscuits have a commanding six game lead over Bham and the Smokies with seven games to play. What looked like a series for all the marbles will likely just be a tune up for playoff bound Biscuits and playing out the string for the Barons.

The Barons radio announcer said that the team considered anything less than playoffs a failure after their 16-3 start to the second half, but the Slagtown Nine could suffer even further embarrassment as the TnSmokies have a chance to sneak past them into second place.

The Biscuits could clinch their playoff spot as early as Monday, could even take the second half title with a loss should Bham lose another game. Usually I post up a much more in depth article here on Monday mornings, but this time we will wait until the shoe falls on the playoff berth.

Thats right, Biscuits fans, with one more win we will read the words we have been waiting to see since we were swept out of the 2012 playoffs - the Biscuits are in the postseason. The next blog post will likely come after Montgomery has punched its playoff ticket.

Word came in that Johnny Field Jr is wearing a cast on his injured wrist and is done for the year. Its a blow to the Biscuits, who have just three outfielders on the roster even with Field. Much has been said about Johnny being in the homerun derby and how his power numbers have fallen off since, but he has been a steady defender in left field and will be tough to replace.

Assuming we do get a replacement. While Durham and Port Charlotte are way out of contention, its not a lock that we will get anything more than Hector Guevara.

In the interim, Leo Reginatto has been playing left field. A versatile player, Reggie is making his first appearance in the outfield since 2013 when he played six games in left.

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