Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Biscuits Fall to Lookouts

The Biscuits fell to the Lookouts in the Southern league Division Series, but you probably know that. The game was routine, though the outcome meant the good guys were sent home. It concludes the All Star summer, perhaps a week too soon for some, yet we cannot deny what we have seen - the best Biscuits ever.

The Lookouts celebrated on the field after their victory, but I didn't watch. I went to the Skitz dugout to high five and fist bump any player who would take it, any way to thank them for all they did for us.

Sure, Montgomery was beaten but this team had character and style, they offered hope and optimism. They made many in Montgomery fall in love with baseball again and nearly brought the city a pennant.

Jaime Schultz set new team K mark
Montgomery hasn't had a team to be proud of in such a long time, this one will be the measuring stick future squads will be judged by.

This was a real team, not just a group of players trying to move up the chain. They weren't angry about being sent here, sulky sluggers, moody prospects, divas or party animals. They got along with each other and with the locals. They pulled for each other to do well and they won games as a team. This was perhaps the first true TEAM to wear the Biscuits uniform, from one-game active Wilmer Dominguez to 120 game Patrick Leonard each guy was giving his best to help the group.

Some took the defeat hard, as can be understood.

Fans, players, team staff and employees and just about everyone around the park are bonded kin by now. They have become family while watching these guys win games with smiles on their faces.

Its been easy to pull for this team because they make it easy to like them. Seeing the season end and saying goodbye is tougher when you come so close to the big reward, especially for a team that has overcome so much to get where they are.

A few friends who are die hard fans left early, others stayed but left silently at the conclusion of the game.
One reliever sat on the bench for almost twenty minutes after the game had ended, just looking out across the empty field.
Coach Timmons was said to be sitting in front of his locker, not speaking.
A few players left the park quickly after the game, anxious to put the end of the season in the rear view mirror.
Most guys packed up and hung around for a few to say their goodbyes before heading off to whatever plans they have for the offseason.

People have already asked me this, wanting to pin the playoff losses on assorted factors. While each in-game event during the postseason does indeed influence the outcome, I feel perhaps the most key factor was not something that went on during the playoff games at all, specifically I mean the injury to Johnny Field Jr.

That one injury meant we were playing in the postseason with a lineup different than we had been using to win the games that got us there. Our proven recipe was missing a key ingredient and its as simple as that.

I spoke with Jacob Faria during the game (meaning he was at the concession stand getting some food and I bugged him for his thoughts on the  situation. He was awesome and put off eating his probably already cold ballpark eats to answer questions that he knew would likely end up on the blog...)

Jacob put it perfectly - the big turning point was when we had the bases loaded and couldnt score in Sundays game. We pick up a run or two there and its a different series.

The same kind of momentum situation came up in game four when JuneQ came off the bench to deliver a hit and bring the tying run to the plate, we just couldn't the runs when we needed them to deliver the knock out blow.

Close play but Biscuits don't catch a break
During the series, the Biscuits played with real fight, scrapping in every at bat and showing grit in every pitch. The Skitz had opportunities that were missed, but scored enough to win in most games. The pitching was good enough to win, they just didn't catch any breaks and that was the difference in the games.

Some may point to errors made and its true that the miscues were costly in terms of runs. However its tough to place any blame on this team, with so many late inning comebacks, so many extra inning heroics there was always a chance to get back into the ball game.

And in baseball that is all you can ask for, give your team a chance to win and see if it happens. If not, you can only tip your cap to the other team because you gave it your best shot. These Biscuits did just that.


Bearded Johnny Field
Several of the Biscuit players expressed a desire to keep their playoff beards.
Several wives and girlfriends expressed otherwise.

Team Canada pitcher Jared Mortensen has called Dallas,Tx home for a few years now. I've been yelling "get him ooot" Canadian-style for about four months, had I known I would have yelled "get him ooot pardner" to add Texas flair..

Chris Kirsch said he might be back here next year. I told him to keep a Durham apartment guide handy just in case, they love lefties up there.

Jacob Faria does not surf, in spite of being a native Californian. He does appear to like Pepperidge Farms Goldfish.

A few of the Biscuit players said they knew of the blog and expressed approval. They thanked me for being a loyal fan. I am humbled by praise of this nature and simply didn't know what to say other than to thank them for bringing us a second half championship.

Its been the best year ever for Biscuits!

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