Saturday, September 5, 2015

Schultz K Record, Ames BooBoo, Skitz Want Flag

The Biscuits have been tuning up for the playoffs with a scrimmage series against the Barons. Much has been learned, so here it is, in a totally random order.


Barons speedster Tim Anderson has a broken bone in his foot and won't play in the final Barons games this season.

The White Sox sent Anderson home to mend, but have not put him on the DL "officially". He will finish with 49 stolen bases and likely hold the the league lead in that category.

The Biscuits are working hard on playoff prep and will have all the bells and whistles a postseason should have - look for a little more than just the average Biscuits game.

Everyone from ushers to owners are excited about this team, which has proved to be "really something special" as owner Sherry Meyers proudly proclaimed during the postgame festivities Friday.

Its that kind of pat on the back from the top that players should consider a huge compliment, its been some time since everyone was so impressed and proud of the Biscuits.

Jeff Ames
Skitz reliever Jeff Ames probably won't pitch again in this series/regular season.

Jeff has a blister that broke open during his appearance on Friday, afterwards he was displaying a gruesome beauty of a open wound. Ames will probably be okay for the playoffs, but won't be picking any guitars for a few days.

Starter Ausin Pruitt admits to being the best golfer among the Biscuits.

An informal survey found Matt Lollis to be considered the toughest to beat in ping-pong.

Former Biscuits starting pitcher Blake Snell likely kept his road jersey when he was promoted, the Montgomery staff has not been able to find it. This is of little concern to most people, but hey, I just share the info.

Jacob Faria leads all of minor league baseball with 17 wins this season. Dude is so good, there is no explaining it to folks. Simply say "he's great" and let them find out on their own. Its way more fun for everyone that way.
RHP Jacob Faria in August

I was struck by the similarity of Faria's delivery to Double-No-Hit, the Dutch Master Johnny VanderMeer. VanderMeer the only man to throw back to back No Hitters in MLB.
LHP Johnny Vander Meer ca 1940s

Though Jacob is right handed, he has a similar stride and angle of delivery to the AllStar lefty Vander Meer of the 1930s and 40s. By next year they will probably have another thing in common - both will have played for Durham.

Cam Seitzer smiles after a bunt single
There is a strong chance we will see Cameron Seitzer sent back from Durham for the playoffs. With Durham eliminated, the Biscuits will be still playing games. Correction: Port Charlotte Stonecrabs are indeed in the FSL playoffs

The 1b/DH/3b/SS/Relief Pitcher/translator/cheerleader has been Mr.Everything for Montgomery the past three seasons. Now after his taste of Bulls baseball it would be a sweet reward for him to lead the Biscuits into their first postseason in that time.

Biscuit players are pumped to bring the league championship home to Montgomery, they want to win it all. The team enjoyed its second half title, but most players feel they have unfinished business.
Biscuits celebrate second half championship

The guys seem aware of the history of the team, that we were swept in our last postseason and they seem determined to make sure it doesn't happen again. The players look forward to the postseason games and expressed hope that the great Montgomery crowds would turn out to support them the way they have all summer.

The Biscuits charity auction was madly popular, as always. Several bidding wars played out and much fun was had. The fact that the road jerseys were the subject of the event didn't deter bidders, though fans obviously prefer a shirt with their favorite players name on the back. This is the first time the team has offered they gray away jerseys for the charity event.

Starting pitcher Jaime Schultz is nearly five times more popular than Blake Snell, if you go by how much was spent on their jerseys at the annual team charity auction.

To celebrate, Schultz struck out seven Barons in just four innings on Friday night, bringing his season total to 168 - which is a new Biscuits team record.

Jaime surpassed Andy Sonnanstine's mark of 153 punchouts, set in 2006.

Schultz could see two more starts if Montgomery reaches the league championships, he would need 33 more K's to tie the All Time Montgomery record.

The all-time single season Montgomery record for strikeouts in a season is 201, a record that has stood for nearly sixty years, set by Dick Egan in 1959.

Egan with Dodgers 1960's
Egan got his strikeouts in 25 games, Schultz has made 27 starts this year. In contrast, Egan also tossed sixty more innings than Schultz has this year, in two games fewer.

Oh, and Montgomery was just a D-League team in the Alabama-Florida League in 1959, nowhere near the top of the chain such as the Biscuits are at double-A.

Still, two hundred strikeouts is two hundred strikeouts, thats a lot no matter what league its in. Plus, league didn't matter to Dick Egan, he tallied 201 strikeouts again just three seasons later, in 1962 while with Hawaii of the Pacific Coast League.

The field looks to be in about the best shape its been in all year, the groundscrew has been working extra hard on the field ahead of the playoffs.

The head grounds keeper Alex says there isn't that much more to do than usual except to keep it groomed for play an extra week or two instead of moving right into offseason care. Still, they are keeping an extra eye on the weather and likely planning their postseason decor.
Biscuit grounds keepers, did I mention they let me drag the infield? Thanks guys!

Blog fave Col. Steve Ruiz will be singing the anthem before at least one game. Ruiz has become a staple of the pregame and everyone appreciates his powerful and respectful rendition of the national harmony.

A source close to the Barons bench said the team simply feels they "had a bad August", hitting a rough patch at the wrong time.

The Barons fans I have talked to seem to wish the Biscuits well in the playoffs, harboring no hard feelings though obviously disappointed in how their season wound down.

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