Thursday, January 7, 2016

Predicting the Skitz 2016

Every New Years we take a look at who will be a Biscuit and again it is that time when we employ the black arts and take a peek into Stengels Magic Orb at the roster of the future!

Signed with the Tampa Rays thru 2018, Montgomery will again see some good players moving up the chain, particularly from the rich crop of draft picks made in 2011.

Are you excited about Biscuits baseball yet?
If not, well, its okay. I will let you slide at least till spring training starts!
However its a great time for a little excitement, the team is coming off a playoff appearance and has banished the belief that Montgomery can't win at home. The future is bright.

There are alot of things that have yet to come into view, and of course one can never predict trades or injuries, yet there are some favorable influences and auspicious omens pointing to good things for Montgomery in the season ahead....

It was announced that the coaching staff would be Brady Williams, RC Lichtenstein and Dan DeMent, just as predicted on 12/21, the winter solstice, just after the 12th Biscuits season.A fine start to our prognostication!

These Biscuits should be even better than last years fine team, I expect them to win nearly ten more regular season games than last summers 77 victories.

On paper, these Biscuits have the talent to be a force in the North Division - we could see Montgomery win both halves of the season, if the stars maintain their current alignment.

I also expect that should the Skitz punch a playoff ticket, the team will post more than the one victory the 2015 Biscuits mustered,

There will be several returning Skitz from last year, after making a playoff run this next batch of Biscuits may rise even higher. We should look for top prospects at shortstop, second base, as well as in the outfield, in the starting rotation and the bullpen.

1b Mike Marjama
2b Kean Wong
3b Patrick Leonard
SS Willy Adames
C Justin O'Conner
RF Jake Bauers
CF  Braxton Lee
LF Granden Goetzman

2b Tommy Coyle
Of Marty Gantt
C Armando Araiza
2b/ss/mi Andrew Velazquez
UT Pat Blair

SP Brent Honeywell
SP Chris Kirsch
SP Buddy Borden
SP Chih-Wei "Robin" Hu
SP Taylor Guerrieri

RP Ryne Stanek
RP Jeff Ames
RP Josh Kimborowicz
RP Issac Gil
RP Steve Ascher
RP Kyle McKenzie

other possibles:
RP Kyle Bird
RP Brian Miller
SS Jake Hager
3b Jace Conrad

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