Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prescription #300 The Honeywell Biscuits

Its funny how people put so much into numbers, their meaning and attach symbology to figures that advance value or put extra emphasis on otherwise meaningless totals.

Such is the case with this blog post, which is Dr.Miraculous' 300th prescription.

 The magic number for longevity of a blog is said to be 300 posts, now as we reach that benchmark its nice to see how the blog has filled out in many ways. Small things that were never planned or incidental pieces have taken shape and become a happy habit.

I have really enjoyed sharing views on the things that take place in the local games and how local teams, players and events have helped shape the history of the game. Its a great way to vent about the bad, crow about the good and point out the strange occurrences seen on the field.

More than that, its given me a great chance to meet and talk with people that I would never have had the opportunity to meet without the blog. The feedback has been fantastic and the rewards have been terrific memories and a heightened bond with the game. As soon as the money boats arrive, it will be a complete success! haha

One of the best perks so far, I get to share some great images with the folks who enjoy them, a priceless joy that is hard to describe with anything but a smile.

I won't gush much more, simply I will say - Thank you, gentle readers, I am humbled to have your attention for a few moments now and then. I like to feel we have grown to become a nice little family and hope we can continue our fun journey together for a nice long time!

 Back to work...

Ryne Stanek
The Biscuits are in the midst of a ten game road trip that includes facing the Ms.Braves and Jackson Generals.

Ryne Stanek was promoted to Durham, taking his dominant bullpen presence with him. He began his Bulls career with three straight 100mph heaters.

Brent Honeywell was added to the Biscuits roster, the #2 prospect in the Rays system brings his elite status and pedigreed screwball to Montgomery's rotation for the second half playoff push. Allowing just under one baserunner per inning, Honeywell could be just what the Biscuit need on the hill.

Steve Ascher
The arrival of Honeywell in the rotation likely means Steve Ascher returns to the bullpen. Ascher had a tough outing vs the Braves in his second start but while the results may not have been great the effort was Herculean. Stepping up to take the ball when the team was in need shows serious moxy and did not go unnoticed by fans and front office alike.

Ascher could get one more start if the Biscuits want to see Chih-wei Hu pitch in the Futures Game and hold Hu out of his next start vs Jackson.

Also returning to the Biscuits bullpen is Andrew Bellatti. Bellatti was pitching in the big leagues last summer, appearing in 17 games for the Rays. Andrew was in 60 games for Montgomery in 2013-14, going 3-7 with a 4.61 era. He was bumped from the Rays 40man when Arcia arrived now he is working his way back up the ladder with a chance in the pitching-strong Southern League.

Jeff Ames
Reliever Jeff Ames said he has had no recurrence of the blistered finger that threatened to end his season last year. He said he hasn't even had to soak his hand in, uh... pickle juice, though he said "I would totally do that" if needed!

Jared Mortensen notched his 200th strikeout as a Biscuit, needing only 59 games to get there. The newly-minted knuckleballer tells me he prefers a clean baseball over one that has a scuff.

I reported last time that pitcher Hunter Wood was out for the season. In fact he is out for about six weeks, which could mean a possible return to the Biscuits late in the season, maybe even post-season, should the Biscuits reach the playoffs.

Soon to be in rehab games are Kevin Kiermaier and Alex Cobb. Could Montgomery host one or both of the big leaguers? I suspect its possible we could see Cobb sometime in the next homestand for one start. Cobb last pitched for Montgomery in 2010.


Order TBD, this rotation shapes up pretty well, especially if the new-look bullpen can start shutting door with regularity.

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