Friday, February 24, 2017

Biscuits Get New Owner and Protective Nets

In a surprise move, the sale of the Montgomery team was announced Thursday, owner Sherry Meyers is in the process of handing over the franchise to a group headed by boxing promoter Lou DiBella. The sale is likely to be concluded in April.

April 1904 team sold
Asked for my opinion by several folks, I am hopeful the change in ownership will turn the team around.

Attendance has declined in recent years, 2017 was the worst season for seats in butts since the team arrived. To be sure there will be a period of adjustment, but we can expect to see many changes in and around the ballpark over the next season or two.

August 1938 team sold again
Surely the new brass will be looking out for the fans and doing everything it can to make Biscuit baseball the best brand in the market. And that is basically what fans want, so its likely that the change is a breath of fresh air for Skitz fans.

Teams change hands often, the Biscuits are pretty well entrenched in Montgomery and with the Rays, so it will interesting to see how the new owners try to bring fans back to the ballpark.

While I have not always been a huge fan of Sherry as an owner, I had warmed up a little to her running of the team in recent years if only because we knew what to expect.

1950 team bought by StL.
There have been things the Biscuits have been reluctant to do under the Sherry Meyers ownership that might be on the table now. Much more outfield signage, changes in concessions, even the naming rights for the ballpark are possible.

Sponsorship could be sold for foul balls or pitching changes, a practice seen in other minor league parks but looked down on by Biscuits front offices in the past.

Only one thing is for sure, the new owners will do what they can to bring fans in and make their own mark on the team.

April 1977 Rebels purchased

The new protective nets have been installed, I took a quick pic when I was at the park this week. They look pretty good to me, not too obstructive to the view. There was fresh paint in several locations and it looks like the benches in the dugouts got a nice fresh stain job too, looking great for the new season!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that the new ownership will turn back to the old sleeveless uniforms and the yellow caps. They were much better than the current ones.