Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Talkin Biscuits, Lowndesboro Umpire Killed

The Biscuits won five and lost five during the ten game homestand. Coulda been better, coulda been worse but we got a good look at the teams strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps the biggest news this week was in the form of an email from outgoing Biscuits owner Sherry Meyers, thanking Montgomery for its support and wishing the new owners well. Looks like its true that the next homestand will open the Lou DiBella ownership era.

When I tweeted a congrats to the new owner, he cheerfully replied with a thanks and talked about how much fun we are all going to have together at the ballpark! He also mentioned that we will be growing in fans, which is just what the team needs most.

It looks like we are gonna love this guy.

There is much to do for the new brass, probably first on the list is to watch a few games and put some eyes on the scene.

Our current GM Scott Trible looks to have gotten a nod of approval to remain at the helm, though we can expect a few of Richmonds valued front office staff to arrive and assess the Skitz. The Richmond VP "Parney" and Asst GM Brendon Porter will be here to check out the lay of the land and see what is what. Porter will be moving here and hanging with the Biscuits full time.

Biscuit fans will welcome them, everyone has suggestions and opinions of what could and should be done at the ol ballpark!

Also a new owner means that we will no longer be seeing this image....

"You okay, bro?"
Returning from Durham is outfielder Cade Gotta and reliever Edwin Fierro, their arrival will help the team cope with a rash of injuries and the promotions of half a dozen players over the first month of play.

Justin Williams had a hamstring cramp that will keep him out a few days at least.

Infielder Riley Unroe rolled an ankle trying to stretch a single into a double and is hoping a couple days off will prove enough time to heal.

Coming back after a couple weeks off was reliever Fernando Baez, who hadn't taken the mound since the first week of the season. The hard throwing righthander could be an important part of the heater-heavy Skitz bullpen as the summer comes along.

Chirinos promotion leaves gap in rotation
Questions continue to surround the Biscuits starting rotation after the promotion of Yonny Chirinos to Durham.

Tyler Brashears is the announced pitcher for Montgomery in game four in the upcoming Biloxi series.
The current rotation looks to be Greg Harris, Mike Franco, Jose Mujica, Tyler Brashears and Hunter Wood.

most of our ads (like this one!) are taken from vintage Montgomery Rebels programs!

Brad Schreiber could earn a second spot start of the season if Brashears struggles.

When I asked Brad about his previous start he said he was told "You've got 45 pitches, go as far as you can with them."

Throwing three innings with four strikeouts and allowing just one hit, Brad was pretty good at following the instructions.

Pitcher Jordan Harrison is the undisputed King of PingPong among the team this year, having already dispatched all competition. "Without a doubt" an anonymous Biscuit player confirmed "not even close."

New starting pitcher Jose Mujica is just twenty years old but commands the strike zone and does a really nice Pedro Martinez impression in his delivery. A hard thrower, Jose could really put himself on the Rays radar with a good showing at the double-A level.
Jose "Baby Pedro" Mujica


A road trip to Biloxi for Bradys Boys, the Shuckers to host the five game set. The Angry Clams have been dismal at home this year, winning just two of their first ten games at their own park. After taking the opening series at Riverwalk this year, the Shuckers must be looking forward to getting a chance to improve their home record.

Hopefully the Biscuits are able to repay the Shuckers for lining up in the wrong order on Opening Day just to make Montgomery look bad.


April 29 1899
In a story I found hard to believe but research has proved to be true, a local umpire was killed on the field of play in a game in nearby Lowndesboro Alabama way back in the 1890s. The strangest part? He was killed in self defense!

There are two versions of the incident, but they both agree on the important details that resulted in the umpires death of young Sam Powell. All agree that the umpire attacked a player for complaining about a call, and that the player was in the right to defend himself.

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