Friday, March 29, 2013

Breaking camp

Players are learning their assignments, making plans for roomates or wives/girlfriends/both and pondering their walkup music. The Biscuits roster will be announced Sunday so we can wait till then for 2013 player info.

The team has been given the annual coverage on WSFA, offering up views of Scott Tribble loading the new schedules at the ticket window, shots of the marquee in front of the park and stock footage of previous games. Its claimed there are more perks for season ticket sales than in previous years, but I'm not aware of any changes in the package I got from last years. The news report implies Freebie Fridays are expected to sell out, but I am skeptical.


Virgil Trucks passed away this week, the Birmingham native was 95 years of age. He started off playing for Andalusia in the Alabama-Florida league and wound up throwing a couple no hitters, winning a world series, and being an AllStar twice!
His fastball earned him the nickname "Fire" Trucks with Andalusia in 1938 and he was on his way to Detroit where he would make twenty starts in 1941. He spent more than a year in the navy where he also pitched for one of the most talented war-era teams. He tallied 177 wins in over 500 career MLB games with Detroit, the WhiteSox and others.

Virgil was an excellent pitcher and a WWII veteran



Full Season 70 game price: $795 - saves at least $250 vs per game price

Parking pass: unlisted - $7 per night
Extras: unlisted for season ticket holders
The Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville Fl

Pillow giveaway
Billy the Marlin Appearance
THREE different bobblehead giveaways
Giancarlo Stanton pen&pencil giveaway
Zooperstars AGAIN!
Elvis Himselvis appearance
Principal Mr.Belding appearance
TWO T-shirt giveaways
Dale Murphy appearance
John Rocker appearance
Leprechaun Wrestling on TWO NIGHTS
FOUR jersey auction nights
All You Can Eat Mondays

Southern league AllStar Game and HR Derby

Oh, and a roster stacked full of prospects. When we had a roster full of prospects I was told by Biscuit people that it meant the Skitz didnt have to schedule as many promotions. "they do that to draw people to see teams that arent any good on the field" was the line. I guess the Marlins affiliate didnt get that memo.

All in all not a bad bargain! Some very nice giveaways and some great appearances. Plus Leprechaun Wrestling - how can it be better than that?

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