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Spring Cleaning

Springtime, I love it!

My brain is still a bit fried from Arch Persons research, I was thrilled to find a few pieces that fit together and establish a possible career timeline for this player, to point out a connection that may have gone unnoticed before. I even got an "excellent work" tweet from MLB historian John Thorn, which is no small praise indeed!

To that end, I can offer this addition to my Archie Persons research. A valuable nugget, Archie was born on the fourth of February 1884 in Minnesota and got married in Oregon in 1912. He and his wife had three sons, one each year starting in 1914. His dad Archie Sr passed away in '48. Arch himself died in January of 1970.

Its nice to put together a real picture of who the guy was, as all players are people and have their own stories and families beyond the stats and numbers left in boxscores.
 sources include:
 a website detailing social security numbers of the deceased (uh, ok?).


On the subject of umpires, how long before all umps on the field are required to wear helmets? All base coaches have to wear them. Hitters have to wear them, even on deck. John Olerud had to wear one while playing first base or risk death. Umpires are often positioned at the same distance or sometimes closer than those folks, all of whom have been found to be enough at risk to require headgear.

Maybe the Umpire Union would object, but I am sure they could be bought off by the powers that be. Maybe we can offer up an extra pair of umpire jobs at every MLB game down both outfield lines. I would rather employ more umpires than have instant replay - hell its probably cheaper than a hundred digital cameras in every ballpark.

Plus, what instant replay is going to teach us in ten years = Eyes are better than cameras.

Baseball wants a zero tolerance drug policy.

Tim knows how to relax and enjoy a CD
Wow, thats so 1990s. In the decade when states are deciding how, not if, to make pot available to its citizens the Commissioner wants a Zero Tolerance policy of the type that has been shown to be ineffective for the past twenty years.

In a related story, the Commish decides that Cd's really do sound better than cassettes.


Just got the invite for the Meet the Biscuits event, glad to see its at the ballpark again this year. There have been times it was held at a local mall, but I think it looks really bush league to have a Double A team wearing jeans and road jerseys meeting fans at the mall.

Also its one of the rare moments when the team gives love to the season ticket holders. Free drinks and snacks at this event are almost the only time they hand out freebies!

Oh, its April 3rd. Be sure to be there!


Veck knew how to cool folks off in the outfield!
There are 21 Day games on the schedule for the Biscuits this year, including the announced start times for away games played by the Skitz. What kinda person schedules some of these day games in the southern league? That total counts away games, yes, but its the Biscuits who are guilty of some of the most brutal start times. Sundays in August games are at 2pm.... Heatstroke anyone?


From the end of April until the start of June there are only SIX night games at home. So the month with the best weather chances we are playing the fewest games.

How does the schedule get worse every year? What do we keep doing to piss off the league schedule maker? What does it take to get a decent schedule, it really isnt that hard now that we go to Pensacola instead of North Carolina. Seriously, someone needs to spend a few days working on this in the offseason.


Here are a few things waiting to be seen!

Thats John Jaso receiving the pitches, the new Athletics catcher should enjoy hitting in Oakland and the A's should love his easy going clubhouse nature. Jaso is laid back and full on California guy while still able to take care of his business behind the plate as well as at the dish. It was during his time as a Biscuit that he really rounded into shape as a player, learning to call games and improving his skills with the mitt.

This vid shows Chicago Cubs catcher Michael Brenly taking a bases loaded walk. The Smokies coming to town is always a big series for me, and the league usually finds a way to make sure I see them less than any other team that plays against us. 2013 is no different!
Brenly seemed like a big kid for a catcher, but showed nice skills behind the plate and obviously knew the strike zone well as a hitter. He wore a great mop of blonde shaggy hair that must make his dad hella jealous.

Tommy Hanson warms with JC Boscan, Martin Prado #14 drills pregame in 2008

Rashad Eldridge bats with a runner at third in April 2008 - hes wearing a jersey pictured on the blog background!
Exchanging lineups, Opening Day 2008

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