Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Alright then, lets see what we got in the mail!

Nice, its my season ticket package! Just what I hoped for! Thanks Bob!

Thats Bob Rabon, and in my opinion, he is the number one perk for season ticket holders. In an upcoming post I will detail what season ticket packages offer from the Biscuits, as well as the other teams in the Southern League. But for now, let me just say that Bob is The Man. He is the front office super utility man, able to cover any position and always good for a pinch hit in a clutch situation.

Bob knows everyone. I'm sure of it. He knows all the employees and staffers, all the season ticket holders - from full season fanatics to corporate suite bigwigs all the way down to the family or couple that has splurged on one the smaller package options. He knows them all by first name!

Bob, or one of his emissaries, sent the package out to those of us who didnt pick them up at the Biscuit Basket last week. 
FULL DISCLOSURE: I accused the Skitz on twitter of not letting me know about pickup times, but they did indeed send out a letter that included the info. I disregarded that letter because the first few paragraphs were attempts at selling me extra tickets. I've got season tickets so I chucked the letter as if it were just a mass mailer. whoops! My Bad!

Included are:
two vouchers for giveaways, one bobblehead and one lunch bag. The bobbleheads are usually great quality but the Lunch Bag Giveaway is sponsored by AUM, who sometimes sponsor cheaper items to hand out at the gate, though they had a winner with the Monty Bobblebank last year.

Season Ticket Holder ID card, good for free admission to road games for the Skitz.

$25 Food Card - good for twenty five bucks worth of free food or drink. But only at the concession stand, not the specialty carts where the real food comes from!

Magnet Schedule. A must have, there should be a law that teams have to offer these.

70 Regular Season Game Tickets - one for each game on the home schedule.

One Opening Day ticket - good to bring a friend to the first game!

VIP Buffet Pass -Free food. IF you can get there early enough to get any. Last year, we waited until the second inning and found a line from HELL. I hope they have improved on the Very Impatient Patron Buffet of last April.

Season Ticket Holder Info Handbook - basically a pamphlet form of the website info, parking, driving directions, perks for season ticket holders, etc.


Will Deadhead Cole Figueroa be a Biscuit in '13?
Players are beginning to prepare to break camp, twitter is abuzz with guys looking forward to their assignments. Much is written about who is going where, but I will eschew speculation now and stick to my January roster predictions. For the most part those are still the guys I expect here, though a few have gotten other gigs (Lobstein) or found other plans (Wendt).

I am sure that by this time next week Golden Corral will have been ravaged by tanned and hungry Double-A ballplayers fresh from Florida back fields.

Before long we will see the green grass and learn the travel roster for the team as they get away from the games that dont count and move on to the ones that do!

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