Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Skitz host Wahoos for First Series of Second Half June 19

A new start and a fresh homestand begin on Wednesday as the lovable Pensacola Blue Wahoos arrive in town.

I say lovable because you have to. You have no choice. Its not an option to say no.
Not because they are a great little club, which they are. Not for the great new stadium, which it is. Nor even for the pink-and-baby blue fish-thing that adorns their hat and website, cute as it is.
Hes having fun and smiling!

Its because this team is gonna be here off and on for the next month so many times if you don't love them they are gonna drive you nuts by coming back over and over again!

So with that, we can take a look at whats coming up.

JUNE 19 

The Wahoos just added Yorman Rodriguez, Matt Kennelly, Marquez Smith, James Walczak since mid-June. Lotsa new guys! They may have some new faces since their last visit, though Van Mil is still the closer. Getting to the late innings with a lead would be a good plan.

Wednesday - Jake Thompson vs Tim Crabbe
 Crabbe went seven strong innings vs the Biscuits on May 5th, getting six strikeouts in the game at Pensacola.

Thursday - Mike Colla vs Ryan Dennick
Ryan Dennick

Dennick, The Cuyahoga County Casanova and king of the MiLB photoshoot, has been beaten twice by the Biscuits, once at home and once on the road. Surrendering five runs in 5.1 innings and then getting blasted for nine runs (eight earned) on ten hits in 7.1 innings pitched at Riverwalk on June 3rd.

Friday - Jake Floethe? vs Dan Renken?

Saturday - Enny Romero? vs Chad Rogers?

Sunday - Mateo? vs Josh Smith?

*starters have only been announced for the first two games at this writing, we will have to see how each manager wants to set up his rotation, so matchups could change. I will try to provide an update on the probables.


I started to put together a lineup list of the Wahoos, but like the pitching the beginning of the second half means change is in the air. Gone are the trials and attempts from spring training plans, now is the time to put plan B into place. That can happen in the rotation, in the bullpen, on the bench or the every day lineup of any team in the league today. Change is what to look for!

We will get to see what each of these managers think is more effective than what they have been doing, what they are going to change sends a strong message to the fans about what kind of strategy the big club is taking with this level of prospects.

Now is the time that under-appreciated players that have been hidden on the roster are given a chance based on first half hustle, the second half is where hustle pays off in the form of opportunity!

But can he throw strikes?

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