Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Biscuit Infield and Meager News

The Biscuits tweeted a picture of the infield, noting that it had been getting a makeover in preparation for the Rays visit to Biscuitville.

They mention "adjustments" and I suspect that may include the foul lines, which had drifted drastically over the past couple seasons and especially this summer. It was noticed that where the infield met the outfield at the foul lines, there is a dirt cutout that allows the chalk to sit flat being misused. The groundscrew had been chalking the line so close to the edge of the cutout that the line fell on the edge of the grass and angled away from the field of play as well as the view of the umpire.

Note foul line, chalked into the grass

A small thing, but I suspect its a situation where the Biscuits would like every little thing to be just right!


For the Biscuits, hosting the Rays is a case of making everything right in other ways too - appeasing the fans. In a time when fans are having to make the most of every dollar, this is a game that will bring the big leagues to the Montgomery and give the serious baseball fans a chance to enjoy the finished product and see what kind of ballplayers the Biscuits are baking.

Its a trend, as the Blue Wahoos will host the Reds and the Barons will host the White Sox during the same weekend. I love this, not only does it set a great precedent of having spring games, but it will keep pesky Barons and Wahoos fans from horning in on seeing our Big League Biscuits.

I hope its as popular as it can be, and that the teams all decide to make it an annual event!


Shawn O'Malley had bone chips removed, but is expected to be ready for spring training

Former Biscuit Henry Wrigley is expected to head to Venezuela to play for the Caracas Leones, now that his foot is healed and MLB has worked out an agreement for players to head to the winter leagues.

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