Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome Back SnapBack

While not much has happened in the past few days in terms of action, there is plenty of info to share, so I will jump right into it.

Expect an announcement very soon on the Alfa giveaway. Im told the team is waiting to see the mockup before issuing a release on what the item is.

Many fans are hoping for the Victor Mateo bobblyhead to commemorate the No-Hitter, and I think its a fair chance they will get what they want. Last year the team used an internet vote to choose their subject, this year they didn't let the fans choose. Hopefully they know its Mateo the people are looking forward to.

If not, the Biscuits will hear about it, to be sure!
Some bobbles are better, some are butter

Also we can look forward to the new road alternate tops. I'm told they are gray and will replace the "Silver Surfers" worn since 2007. After we made the playoffs and the league realized our road uniforms were the same color as several other teams home uni's the league dictated that we get an alternate.

Sort of like when the Cubs made the playoffs and the NL forced them to get lights when it was realized that a Cubs World Series would have to be played in day games

Lobstein in alternate road uni
As a result of the new road alternates, the silver tops will be the item of the Jersey Auction this year. A double edged sword, as they haven't been sold since they were gotten meaning lots of great names wore them for game use. On the other side, they are widely considered one of the ugliest shirts in MiLB.

Players like them, as the mesh tops are often cooler in summer temps. I love the grays, and look forward to having a chance to bid on them.

The field is being prepared for the Rays visit and the recent weather issues dont seem to have killed the grass on the playing field.

I was there this week and took a few pics, it reminded me there are just two seasons - winter and baseball. We arent quite to the good one yet.

the Lone Ranger of groundskeepers

The Biloxi city council put off voting on the bond that would pay for their stadium. They were told that it had to be put into action by the end of January or there was a risk of not getting the park done in time.

There is mention of a $10K per game fine if the team doesn't have the proper facilities for game day, so it will be interesting to see how fast the city approves the funding.

If Biloxi drags its feet, would Huntsville host the first few weeks of games? Would anyone attend if they did?

Go out to Lou Thornton Jr.
I mistook him for Jerome Walton this past weekend, and didn't realize who he was till I got home and looked at the baseball he signed for me at the coaches dinner.

"Lou?" I said, "who the hell is Lou, I thought that was Jerome Walton!"

No wonder he looked at me strange when I tried to talk to him about the Cubs curse.

Haha, My bad, Lou!

several ex-skitz made minor leadlines across the globe

Jeremy "Hellboy" Hellickson wont be giving anyone hell till mid may, he had to have his elbow scoped and cleaned out surgically. Might explain his horrendous second half ERA, though he denies being injured until his bullpen session in January. However at that point he described the pain as worse than ever and that his arm "locked up" at that point.

A pile of current and former Skitz were invited to Major League spring training, including but not limited to: Mayo Acosta, Curt Casali, Mikie Mahtook, Cole Figueroa, Lara, Kelly, Liberatore, Mateo,

Juan Sandoval was re-signed. Sadly, more mention was made of his having just one eye than of his mid-90s heat.

The Tampa Rays have signed Jeremy Moore. 

Faithful blog readers will remember Moore from last summer when he challenged me to a fistfight after the game. See, when the guys I was sitting with noticed he was wearing a hat purchased at the team store instead of the fitted cap every other player on the Lookouts had, dude lost it and accosted us repeatedly. He demanded we meet him by the bus afterwards.

I was there.
Moore avoided me, quickly getting on the bus without looking to see if anyone took him up on the offer.

I really look forward to seeing him here and seeing if he decides to wear a real hat.
I will also be sure to inform him the scouting report says he is "nothing more than organizational depth".


Leslie Anderson and Chris Seddon arrived in Japan for the Yomiuri Giants spring camp.

Seddon led the Korean league in strikeouts last year and looks to bolster the already potent Giants starting staff of Utsumi, Imamura, Sugiuchi and Miyaguni.

Anderson took 43 swings in BP on Feb 3, hitting two over the fence and also dropping down about five bunts. Yes, bunts from Leslie Anderson, I thought the same thing. On Feb 2 he hit five over the fence out of his 55 swings.

Abe at the plate
Leslie Andersons nickname will be Toru, given to him by catcher Shinnosuke Abe.

On Feb 1 Seddon threw a bullpen session with Abe catching.

An interview with Biscuits asst GM Scott Tribble, submit your questions now!

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