Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tennessee Welcomes You

A ten day road trip after the day off greets the Biscuits following the five game sweep of the Chattanooga Lookouts at home. Montgomery will visit two of the three Tn teams, the Smokies and the Jackson Generals.


 If there is such a thing as momentum, the Biscuits have it.

Unfortunately so do the Smokies who lead the North Division and just stopped the Suns 11 game win streak.

The Tn Smokies have a more potent lineup than when they were visitors here, having added top prospect Javier Baez to the roster. Also good pitching awaits the Skitz in the next series, Erick Jokish just threw a no hitter in his last outing and has a chance to be a double-A version of Johnny Vandermeer.


 It will be a tough series as Montgomery tries to climb out of the cellar and the Smokies try to stay on the top of their division.

Look for Curtis Casali to continue his hot hitting, but opposing baserunners will test his arm.
Look for Robby Price to keep playing 3b as new Biscuit Ryan Brett steps into the lineup at second.
Look for the Biscuits to use a tandem of Lara the lefty and Sandoval the righty as closers, depending on the matchups.

 Mateo vs Figueroa in game one tonight!

Ozzie Timmons enjoyed the sweep

Chattanooga Lookouts outfielder Jeremy Moore made for an interesting visitor this week.

The homestand was a delight to the fans who have grown weary of losing series and being on the short end of the final tally more often than not. Good defense, timely hitting and especially stingy pitching gave the GumpSkitz fans reason to cheer each day. The Lookouts only scored three runs during the course of the series, spanning 45 innings, while allowing 25 runs.
#15 Jeremy Moore

Moore was busy playing outfield for the Lookouts in the series. He homered in one game but was also thrown out stealing, picked off first base in the fifth inning of a tie game, thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double, dropped an easy fly ball and struck out multiple times in important situations. Obviously he was having a bad week.

During game two on Saturday night there are some people in my section, drinking but not drunk and certainly not what I would call heckling. We are talking baseball in general when....

Guy in my section yells "Hey One-Five! Why you got an adjustable hat?"

Not sure why, but Jeremy Moore was indeed wearing an adjustable hat. We dont know if he was just so cool he didnt need a fitted cap, if they didnt have his size or if he sold it on eBay and bought a replacement at the team shop. For whatever reason, he was wearing it, and a fan noticed. It seemed a legitimate question from an observant fan.

Moore, wearing number 15 as he jogs to the outfield, turns and puts a finger to his lips as if to say Shhh. The guys sitting around me kinda laughed as we all got the impression he was trying to have fun getting away with wearing a cheap hat and wanted us to keep his secret.

But we were wrong. Bad wrong.

picked off in a tie game
Moore, who had a cup of coffee in the big leagues in 2011, comes jogging back into the dugout after the third out is made. As he comes past our section where FanGuy had asked about his hat, he comes to the wall and lets out a stream of profanities and issues a challenge to meet him after the game.
Whoa! Really?

Jeremy Moore made sure we knew it was really, he came back during the inning as the Lookouts batted to make sure he was understood. He came to the end of the dugout near us as he called the Guy who noticed the cap an uninspired swear or two before letting everyone know that there was a chance to discuss it face to face after the game where the bus parks.

And he wasn't done.

On the way out to the field after the inning Moore verbally berated the fans in our section and made sure to gesture and point out where he would be following the game. He dared any of us to come and see what we get if we wanna talk.

As the game ended he stared at us during the fireworks show, giving us the evil eye, pointing and gesturing anytime one of us in that section would as much as look at the now-emptying visitors bench.
Milton Bradley Award Winner


Dear Jeremy Moore - you played in eight games for the Angels almost four years ago.
You had ONE hit.
You missed a year to injury.
This year you hit .220 in the PCL, which got you sent down, and now you're doing even worse. You have 665 career hits and 725 strikeouts.

Pitch recognition chart
I suggest you may be having trouble picking up the ball coming out of the pitchers hand.

I really think it could be an eyesight issue. Sometimes hitters have trouble seeing ball or its release point, which can result in alot of swings and misses.

The same way you missed me when you came out of the ballpark. I was standing right there where you told us to be as you scurried to the bus like a little girl. If you didnt see me, you must have real trouble seeing the ball.

I dont appreciate being sworn at by a punk who cant hit his weight but wants to call me a motherf*cker because the guy in the next row noticed rookie is too street to wear a matching cap.

Get a real hat, snapback, you are out of uniform. And dont talk smack to fans, someone might take you up on it.

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