Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Biscuits Shape North Division Playoffs

Montgomery dropped four out of five games to the Tennessee Smokies, and in doing so likely handed the Smokies the North Divison pennant for the second half. The Smokies now host the Lookouts, last place in the other division, getting back to back last place teams.
Smokies skewer Biscuits in Jelly Series

When the GumpSkitz bussed out on Monday they left the Smokies with a six game lead over Jackson - the next destination on the August tour of Tennessee.

The Generals of Jackson will surely be looking for a helping of the same plate of Biscuits that the Smokies took liberties with. The Generals know that with just twenty games left they need every win if they have any hope, where the Biscuits.... well, they are just Biscuits.
almost that bad

We face a tough Jackson team for five games. They are all tough teams when you have a .460 W-L%. Montgomery is the only team in the South Division with a losing record. We have been scoring runs, but we just haven't been able to put more on the board than the opponents.

The Carnage first game starts tonight, Mateo vs Gillheeney at seven o clock.

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