Thursday, August 1, 2013

Whats In The Bag

Whats In The Bag
Ya Wanna Frisk Me, Big Boy?

So every now and then I get stopped at the entrance of the Biscuits park, usually in the first week or two of the year, by a security guard who says "...m'check y'bag..."

what backpack? ...oh that one...
I'm like, Dude really? Are you new here?

But you can't fight it.

These days you risk being tazed or worse, taken down in some strange homeland security paranoia as a backpack toting terrorist.The guard is just doing his job making sure Im not sneaking in bags of chips or my own beers. He doesn't know I have been coming here since before it was a ballpark - that I helped run a shop in the downtown district before this team got here, that I come to the park every day of the season. Hes new or filling in from somewhere else and hasnt seen me before.

So I take the opposite tack and apply a little reverse psychology. You wanna check my backpack then you better be prepared to hang out with me for a long while as I waste your time. I have a few dozen items that all have plenty backstory and most security professionals recognize that I am not worth the time it would take to search unless you have a desire to see foul balls and scoring pens.

I give a lengthy guided tour of my backpack. Most security guards appreciate my positive attitude, and a few have taken a real interest in the contents and hearing the story of them. The downside of it is that you cant carry anything you dont want seen on the tour!


So recently I had to get a new backpack.
The one I carry to the ballpark on a daily basis had been starting to show wear when, on the last homestand, it gave out. First a few small pieces of the inner lining came out, then the rest peeled and fell off inside the bag. I was no longer weatherproof!

Those of you who live here in Alabama know its been raining alot, those of you who read the blog know I blame Glaesmann and his rain turtle magic. Either way, having my stuff not getting soaked every other week is high on the list, so a new rucksack was in demand. I got another of the same kind I just had, it worked well, lasted a couple years and comes from a charity that I support.

Then it was time to swap from the old one to the new one - the changing of the guard.

I took the opportunity to take a picture of what I load myself down with for every game, and we can go over it here!

From the lower left, going clockwise...
Baseball cards, Biscuit team eyeblack, stopwatch - obvious uses, not too heavy to carry!
Sunscreen and dental floss - health and hygiene is a good thing
Cowbell & drumstick - probly the heaviest thing I carry, but Ozzie gets on me if i dont have it!
2 MLB Baseballs in round plastic jars - keeps em dry!
CD - of my band!
Baseball Glove - ye olde Rawlings
Red bandana - muti purpose lifesaver!
Rays weatherproof jacket - one of my newest items, thanks man!
Southern League baseball - sometimes I carry up to four to have signed
Rally Biscuit - stuffed plush toy
blue and yellow team colored beads - from mardi gras nite
sunglasses, breathmints, Altoids & chapstick - falls in the must haves category
Scorebook & Media Guide - I used to buy a scorecard, then they raised the prices.
portable HD sport video camera - waterproof and 1080p High Def video, love it!
Autograph pens in cases, scoring pens and sharpies - nerdy, task-specific pens.
Spare AA batteries - for the camera
Toothbrush - new in package, who knows?
post-it notepad - for posting notes of course
insect repellent stick - its alabama, so this is high priority item!

I also carry a towel that I strap to the top of the backpack - good advice found in the Hitchikers Guide!

It didnt start with me being weighed down with so many things, but going to games over the course of ten years I figured out that I needed most of them often enough to warrant dragging them around. I used to be the guy who thought you were an idiot to bring a glove to a game. I have changed my mind - always bring a glove, the life you save may be your own!

There are now a ton of things I would feel lost if I had to sit thru a game without - like having a hot dog but no mustard!

July 31 1965 Columbus Confederate Yankees and Montgomery Rebels tie at six in 19 innings, the game is called at 1:23am after five hours and twenty three minutes. making it among the longest games and the latest ending games in Rebels history.

Evan Frey was sent back to Durham when Rayburn was sent to Tampa after Matt Moore hit the DL. Montgomery may receive a player to fill out the roster on Friday when the team returns home to face the Lookouts.

Marquis Fleming has made the transition from the bullpen to the rotation and shown alot of heart - meaning his stats are bad but he has given a great effort by getting into the 4th and 6th innings in his two starts.

Curt Casali has given the Skitz a boost at the plate but looked like a liability behind it - hitting over .400 in his first week as a Biscuit is terrific however he has been almost no threat to opposing basestealers.

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