Monday, August 12, 2013

tenth anniversary patch -mystery solved?

So far this season one of the noticeable things on the field has been the Biscuits tenth season patch, and the discussion of its terminology. The fans discussed why the patch that appears on the cap and so much of this years Biscuits merch uses the term "Anniversary".

Even when I was in the radio booth earlier this year, I mentioned that it was actually a "Commemorative" patch, as an anniversary has to take place AFTER the event. Fans in the stands, folks who see the patch and even the uniform-centric website Uni-Watch noticed the odd phrasing that went into the Biscuits uniform for 2013.

While researching a separate article, I ran across the website of the graphic designer who put together the patch for the Biscuits. I was glad to finally have a chance to ask what we all wondered - Why Anniversary?

here is that exchange:

So there you have it, blunt and honest, at least thats how it seems to me.

It would also explain the nervous laughter from Aaron Vargas when I was commenting about the mis-use of the term "Anniversary". I didn't realize I was pointing out on the air how his bosses had screwed up the wording on the patch!

I appreciate the honest reply from the patch creator and I am getting the impression that the designer didn't love having to change the patch to include the odd wording. It sounds like they needed to get together one more time before finalizing the image, but were probably both ready to move ahead with other projects so it didn't get the attention it really deserved.

Certainly I think it makes both the design team and the baseball team look bad for not getting it completely right.

My Own version of the patch

A quick mock-up shows what the patch MIGHT have looked like as a first draft. I can see that while it is more grammatically correct-ish than the other one, it could look less aesthetic than the one that was finally chosen. I think they both should have made sure it was completely right instead of sorta right.

Eye appeal is everything in graphic design, so I can see both sides of the coin on this one.

Or both sides of the patch, as the case may be!

No Mo, you aren't being sent down

There have been roster moves aplenty at other levels, but so far it hasn't meant the Biscuits lose or gain any players. In the past that has meant we are next to have a player moved, as the big club tries to shift the players to best fit the teams in the affiliate chain.
Its a case where no news isnt good news, it makes me think we are about to have a change!


How about Jake Thompson, who has turned his season around?

Jake on the hill at home
With an ERA in the first half of the season just under 5.00 and failing to get out of the second inning in a start on June 29th, Thompson has made seven straight quality starts since.
He has brought his season ERA down to 4.14 and I think he has shown the most improvement among the Biscuits pitchers.

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