Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Perfect Game in Southern League History

August 14, 1970 
Southern League At Paterson Field; Montgomery, AL; 
Montgomery Rebels 3, Savannah Indians 0. 

Charles "Chip" Swanson of the Rebels pitched a  perfect game, the first in Southern League history.

Swanson was drafted in 1967 by the Atlanta Braves, playing for Montgomery in 1970, 72 and 73 after bouncing to the Tigers organization. He won 12 games for the Rebels in his first season with them, boasting a very nice 1.88 ERA in 18 starts and five relief appearances in 1970.

Swanson was always tough against double-A hitters, spending most of his career at double or triple-A and never getting a call to the bigs, Charles was known to go the distance in a game, once handed the ball he got through to the end of the game 48 times in 149 career starts, a full one third of the time.

Site of the first perfect game in Southern League history

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