Thursday, August 29, 2013


Romero takes it Durham
 The Biscuits head to Bham to finish the season on the road. The Barons are in a tailspin and are trying to remember how to win before starting the first round of playoffs - they are the North Division First Half winner!

The Skitz pitching will likely change from the past two series, the website lists TBA. There could be adjustments as players are deemed too tired, injured or overworked for duty.

Victor Mateo gets a chance to be a southern league VanDerMeer as he goes for his second consecutive no-hitter.

Enny Romero will be sent to Triple-A Durham for their playoff push. It wasnt listed on the SL website at post time, but it was considered common knowledge at the ballpark Tuesday night.

But for us its an odd moment, having sent out team out with a last homegame. They have not yet been eliminated but are doomed to their fate and have already bid farewell to their oven not to return....

Into the sunset...

The Newspaper named Kevin Kiermaier Most Valuable Player.

I wont argue, Kiermaier played great for us, was our allstar, made fine defensive plays and is among the leaders in the main stats. He is even still in the top three in batting average for the Southern League this year.

However, I think we need to make sure they who hand out the trophy understand what Most Valuable means. Some of the choices for Biscuits MVP have been questionable when there is a season like this one, without an obvious standout.

Its not always about stats, but it is always about leadership. Its not always about the games he wins for you, its the games he keeps the team competitive in. Its about a full season, not one interrupted by injury or promotion. Its about helping the team every day of the season, even when a guy isnt in the lineup that day.

If Kevin Kiermaier were to have broken his leg instead of being promoted, its possible the paper might have called it a disappointment and named someone else MVP.

I think that Mikie Mahtook is the best overall player the Biscuits had this year. He spent the entire season here, playing almost every day - except for one week of sore back.

Mahtook forced scouts to re-write how teams ranked him defensively, informing them they can't take an extra base on him.

Mikie made web-gem after web-gem in right field and then moved over to center after Kiermaier went to the Bulls.

Mahtook, who was hitting .245 just over a month ago, has brought his batting average up to a respectable .253 while learning a new position.

Hes driven in 65 runs, mostly batting second or third, and stolen 25 bases.  Seven homers and eight triples are among the best on the Biscuits, twenty seven doubles lead the team.

Add to that Mahtook has been a leader on the team as well as shouldering the "prospect" label in his second Biscuit season.

Mahtook hoped to start this year at Durham, or at least earn a promotion midseason. When that didnt happen he could have pouted and complained, but mostly he seems to have put his head down and worked on what scouts called the weakest aspect of his game - defense.

So when you drive in 65 runs, score 65 runs, steal 25 bags, make the switch to a new position in centerfield and make scouts go from "run on him" to "Dont run on him" then I say you have helped this team more than the guy who left in July. Yes Kiermaier hit .50 points higher than Mahtook, but Mahtook nearly made us forget losing Kiermaier.

.253 BA, 65 runs scored, 7hr, 65 RBI, 25 stolen bases in 127 games
.307 BA, 65 runs scored, 5hr, 28 RBI, 14 stolen bases in 97 games

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