Sunday, August 18, 2013

Final Homestand of 2013

The End Is Nigh

The final ten home games of the 2013 season are upon us, but its hard to be excited about it when we are buried so low in the standings that we can look up everyone elses skirts. Getting just two wins in the last ten games is disheartening, even though in the month of August the team is only two games under five hundred.

Feels like fall, not Turkey Day yet!
That being said, we are indeed in last place and even the weather is conspiring against the Skitz, feeling more like fall football weather than late summer baseball.

This batch of Biscuits fell flat early on and the best that we can take away from it is that teams have a very hard time raising prices on tickets and concessions for last place showings.

Run Big Tall Mo, Run!
We have some quality players who havent developed at the rate expected, but there has been noone sent to pick up the slack, which would allow them to relax and grow at their own pace.

Instead, we are propped up by players who have flunked out of other organizations and been given a midseason "do-or-die" opportunity to step up into more important roles against tougher players at higher levels than some have already shown unable to handle.

Our best guys struggle against bad teams and dominate good ones, or offer up lackluster efforts that make fans wonder what level our team is supposed to be playing at.

Meanwhile the Bulls and StoneCrabs appear to continue their dominance of their own leagues while not having to send starting players to other levels in the organization.

In fact, they have received players thru promotion and big league help from rehabbers while we have been handed retreads and leftovers cast from other teams lower levels. For whatever reason, we have been left to flounder in the basement for yet another season, feeding players to other teams in the chain without getting much in the way of help.

Its enough to make a fan think about demanding the front office trade me to a contender if they don't intend to chase a ring here.
Author and PTBNL?


The Mississippi Braves come to town for a five game set, likely drooling at a chance at the last place GumpSkitz. Just two games behind Jacksonville for first place in the second half the Braves still have alot of life left in their playoff hopes.

The Braves took four games from Montgomery at the end of July and look forward to a second helping of pushover Biscuits, who were outscored by nearly ten runs in the series at Pearl. Also the Braves look to return to the scene of the crime where, in May the Braves scored 19 times in a rout of the Buttered Boys.


Driven to drinkin
Oh, it could be ugly. These Biscuits may eat your lunch but they have had trouble putting quality at bats in a string. Sure, we win a few games and sometimes play tough against good teams. But we also have struggled to field the ball and only put up enough runs to win about twice a week.

Look for the Braves to run away with the series, as the wins mean more to them than the Biscuits, who are literally counting down the games till they can pack up and head home for the winter.

Look for pitcher JR Graham to wear stirrups and look like a real baseball player.
JR Graham

Fall Weather this week!
Look for smaller and smaller crowds with kids back in school and football practise in full swing.

Look for Tommy LaStella to keep doing everything he can to force the Braves to promote him.

Luna Returns
Look for former Biscuit and last years Southern League batting champ Omar Luna to return to Riverwalk - this time as a member of the visiting Braves.

Look for season ticket holders to become disgruntled with the most expensive tickets and beers in the league to go with last place!

Good for you, Ryne Sandberg!
I have the utmost respect for this guy, hall of famer, great hitter, superb fielder, talented manager and classy individual. I hope he wins the World Series he so richly deserves.
The only drawback is that he isnt skippering the Cubs, who will regret letting him slip away.

Rock on, Ryno.

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